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Perhaps you're wondering what you're doing here. At this site, that is, not on the planet. As to the latter, we have no idea. Nor, most likely, do you.

Be that as it may, you've likely stumbled into this particular poetry site because you are consumed by a passionate, burning, undeniable, or simply casual interest in or general curiosity about...

yes, poetry.

In that case, I am pleased to inform you that you have just discovered what may well be the best of all possible worlds.

This site is deep, so start digging. Dig dig dig. Burrow. Scurry to and fro. Dig deep enough, and you will discover Share your poetrya wealth of poems and poetry resources, from vibrant, populous forums for posting and commenting on surprisingly good and terrifyingly bad poetry, a Poetry Showcase Read the classicswhere you may submit your own poems and enjoy the poems and reading recommendations of your fellow poets and poseurs, a full-text archive of classic poems, and a Find a poetremarkably extensive, useful, poetry links collection and bookstore. Haiku generators. A poetic table of the elements. And more. And still more. As soon as we think of it.

Don't leave without adding a bookmark to this site. Play with wordsAnd don't even think about moving on before subscribing to our jolly little newsletter, without which life would seem considerably more vacant than it did before you knew of its existence.

We're delighted to welcome you to everypoet.com. Make yourself comfortable, and stick around a while.

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