The Random Stump Speech
Synopsis Haiku Generator
a bit of background

R.S.S.S.H.G. is the hottest new SLA (six-letter acronym) on the political landscape. Here's why:

Who is not weary unto death of the traditional campaign speech, a seemingly unending, tedious, banal recitation of tawdry clichés, platitudes, and self-indulgent tripe?

The Stump Speech Synopsis Haiku Generator is the solution. Why listen to 48 minutes of the same old jargon, when you can create a complete, pithy, one-size-fits-all synopsis of any campaign speech in only seventeen syllables with a single click, and not one important detail omitted.

As an added bonus, the dreaded Campaign Speechwriter has been rendered obsolete, having been replaced by this handy, nonpartisan, cogent and pithy entity, the Random Stump Speech Synopsis Haiku Generator.

Granted, years of CNN-induced desensitization may cause one to lose one's concentration before reading all the way through to the end of many of these 17-syllable speeches, causing them to appear as gibberish. But surprisingly frequently, say one out of ten times, a clearly outlined political platform will rear its familiar, wretched head.

Use the Floating Synopsis link to create a small, floating window that will grace your desktop with a new, bipartisan Presidential or Congressional campaign speech synopsis, ringing with sincerity and dedication, every 30 seconds.

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USA TODAY AWARD - The R.S.S.S.H.G. is a USA Today Hot Site. Yee-ha!

The R.S.S.S.H.G. is featured in the Centre for the Easily Amused. Yay.