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Poems by Xin Ying

simplify me when i am dead,
for i am of no use to the world anymore,
Strip me of my title as a human,
Ban me from the world of life and air.

Corrode my eyes when i am dead,
For my eyes do not wish to see the dark,
Take away the sight well given,
For even true sight cannot see the purity of the heart.

Peel off my skin when i am dead,
For i wished to be exposed to nature,
Strip away my false clothing of laughter,
Allow me to be true to myself at last.

Leave me as bones when i am dead,
For me to be reborn again.
Taken away, the fakeness and the mask,
For i will be with the essence, true and fair

She had once been,
A proud arrogant lady of society,
A repected lady on all occasions.

Her dainty hand,
Kissed by polite young men in a ball,
Smoothened by satin gloves.

She was once,
A dazzling beauty in the social ball,
A graceful dancer caught up by the swirling melody.

She had been,
Dancing, twirling in her own magical world,
Loved, wooed and cherished by all.

But she is now,
broken down by the weather elements,
Bent by the harsh conditions of life.

She is now,
A broken rose after the storm,
With petals withered and thorns gone.

Her once smooth hand,
Rough as a piece of sandpaper,
Harsh, uneven, dry.

She is now,
a humble servant serving in the kitchen,
a normal peasant without a land.

She'll soon be,
weeping by the now-out fire,
loving and cherishing the dark of the night.

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Biographical sketch: i'm 14.

Xin Ying recommends:

The Calling of Kindred by Adrian Barlow

Reason: It contains poems from all over all types of categories and it has the poems give u a sense of peace and serenity.

Recommendations for writers:

I believe to have inspiration is the most important. However, the inspiration would have to remain in ur mind, the thoughts in ur heart when u write the poem. If inspiration is lost halfway, the poem will turn out to be spoilt.



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