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The windswept

The wind swept the daffodil
In the air, and it was restless forever.
It lost direction and fell in love
With the wind, wayward wanderer.

It went high up in the sky never to
Be seen by the naked eye, lost forever.
Wandering thoughts of love forlorn
In life, the beauty and the wanderer.

It passed the hills and the meadows
Elysian, always with friend and lover.
The daffodil in love with sweet Zephyr
Was a wayward wanderer, in love forever.

Wandering thoughts of love forlorn
In dreams, Cupid smiled and it was over.
The love died and the lovers separated
To become, unknown acquaintances forever.

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Biographical sketch: Influence of Whitman, Frost and Wilde.

X.H. Ottoman recommends:

Complete Edgar Allen Poe by Poe?
Reason: Poe's poems, especially Tamerlane and Annabellee are quite influential.

Recommendations for writers:

The meter is a very important aspect of writing poetry. It's something I need to brush up also.


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