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Poems by xanaduidyllicis


Like a sea of ranting emotion
I'm frenzied by the power of your heart
I am fueled by the words you say
It's a force igniting the dark

Once such a timid creature
I was often held, but never touched
You came to me as a teacher of love
As even touching was still not enough

I opened myself like the finest novel
So easy to read and plain to see
I let you read between the lines
Now our bond is more than mortality

A love that can not be taken away
Myself, I can not call mine any longer
For, in your heart, is where I lay

This is a simple poem about finding love in the least expected place.


I sit blank on the floor beneath me
Open to the closed mind
I regurgatate memories of an exact point
That still has me blind

I retract yesterday's pains
With no future remedy, but one
One voice I hear into the void
One voice, that's shrill is rung

I hear the tone expelled
Not unlike the outside force for the fear in me
Words that only save a limbo
Not unlike my crucified eternity

Still, I cling on to a wonder
A dream that two drifters can re-unite
Hope is the one thing I have left
For, even now, I hear that voice each night

This is a poem counciling the hurt of a lost love.


Ten minutes until the end
Nine flights of stairs, and it will begin
Eight dozen people gather there
Seven police officers acting as if they care
Six reasons to end one man
Five fingers tremble on two
shaking hands
Four steps until the ledge
Three years below pushed him over the edge
Two lives seperated by the worst of luck
One way down for another stupid fuck

This is my way of saying that suicide is never an answer.


Ignorance acts as an eclipse for the mind
An excuse for the ones that call on sympathy
I find no reason to debate with false maurters
I let them see as they wish to see

I trust in whom I own no reliance
Only for a feeling of connecting
One single, pure, passonate feeling
Like an adoration for love and respecting

Oh- I know the falsehood of my love
It is a lust mistaken as such
I know that it remains so very temporary
Still, to let go would pain too much

I hold on, because I'm scared to be alone
At least, in you, I have that comforting entrance
Though fear may play my God
You always stay, a nice counter-balance

The story of one that stays with someone they know is not right for them, simply because they're afraid of
not having anybody there for them.


the endurant strength of a condescending self

the exposition of alternating thoughts

as damaging as the double-edged sword falling towards me

and i am disconcerned with the feelings caught

so now i try to obtain some resolution

a gain from this battered phase

i try to find an appeal where there was none

i fracture the contemptible thoughts greatly gained within me

it is as an unmerciful fate beaconed to be shunned

my power of resistance flees at the presence

yet so has the powerful self-illusion

so i take the razor three inches below my surface

i find an ending in that infernal red and black

This is raw emotion! Life can get difficult for even the most perfect of lives. This is simply another part
of life's reality. I used all lower case letters in this poem because this is from a person whom obviously feels
nothing is important anymore, not even himself!

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Biographical sketch: My name is Kevin. I've been writing for about eleven years, now. I'm using this as a chance to show people my "less conventional" methods for poetry. I do hope that you like the selections.

xanaduidyllicis recommends:

The Poe Collection by Edgar Allen Poe

Reason: This book is simply a collection of Poe's works, no narratives. Since Poe has become one of the more recognized poets, I feel that his talent has been taken for granted. He expels deep emotions in very colorful ways!

Recommendations for writers:

I can only speak for myself, but as I write poetry, I reflect on what it is that stirred my original emotion. Ability to write well is important to a poet, yet without a sense of feeling for what you are writing, the talent is wasted. When you write your works, try to feel what you are writing. Read your work after you are done writing it, and find what feeling is left within you. Make sure that is the feeling you wished to convey!


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