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Poems by Wrath


In sleep
there is no peace,
O dreamers,
O nightly screams
dream a dream
for me

In sleep
there is only solitude
of which-
I have found none
O keeper of sleep
and dreamers keep,
In sleep
no rest is found

In sleep
my pulse it slows
to keep
my thoughts
in tact-
as one,
O sleepless night
O endless fight,
Why are you?
not yet,-



Some say
you reap
what you sow
for the things that you have done
What could I
have done- so hennas
to equal,
what heaven has done

Some gave their
soul to Jesus
I chose to keep
mine close-
Is this my
earthly punishment
For what?
I do not know

To have my
pass away
To have my
dreams destroyed-
Is it apart
of the 'Game of Life'
his favorite toy

O my lost
brothers and sisters,
this black hand
is bleak,
For all our lost
brothers and sisters,
we shall forever

We were slaves
to be bought,
The children sent
The parents worked
their fingers to the bone,
til black hairs
had turned grey

They say it doesn't matter,
they say,
they do not care
they don't have distinctive
black curly hair

Our men
Our women
My people's hearts
of the trees
where their bodies

Who will give me peace?
dear lord,
if not you
then no one else
For hell has made an offer
and the devil,
presented it himself
he offers me endless power
even immortality,
in the end there can be only one
and the devil,
says it should be me

What do you say a heavenly father?
who made me
from mud and clay,
for you are my only comfort
for you made me
this way

I am rage,
I am grief
I am the animal,
I am the one
who cannot sleep
I am the love,
I am sympathy
I am understanding,
I am the one
who sleeps

I am the one
who is angry
I am the one
I am the one
who does not cry,
I am the one
far from home
I am the one
who has faith,
that things will be
I am the one
who cries
at night
'it wasn't to be this way

I am the natural-born killer
who fears heaven,
nor hell

I am the one
who keeps us strong
I am the one
who won't let us tell

I am the god-fearing person
who hopes to see
heaven one day,
I am the one
who prays at night,
why it is this way

I am the one
who hates family,
the one's who did not
I am one
who understands
they're busy and
can't be here

I am the one
who forgives men-
has learned to walk away
I am the one
who cries for blood-
wanting to send
them to hell

I am the one who
prays to God-
waiting for him
to answer me
I am the one who
said, yes,
to hell
if he'll take away
the grief

I am the one
thoughts of suicide
I am the one
who has faith,
holding on to my pride

I am the one
who sleeps at night
I am the one
who prays for peace-
I am a child of God,
I am a part of we

I am the one
who can't sleep at night
I am the one with
so much grief,
I am the one
God has abandoned-
I am a part of we

I am the one
the revolver-
I am the one
for peace...
I am the one
who can't stop myself,
I am just me

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Biographical sketch: I am a 23 year old aspiring writer from Alabama, who has recently moved to New York to persue a career in Federal Law Enforcement. I am engaged and have a 6 year old stepdaughter.

Wrath recommends:

A Rose through Concrete by Tupack Shakkur
Reason: It is an unusual collection simply because of the death of the aritist and his music it gives you a unique understanding of him. Unlike other artists books I've read (Jewel) which are vague and leave you with no better understanding of their mindset or their feelings. With no clear and concise view of them.

Recommendations for writers:

I recommed don't think. Feel the emotion that drove you to write and let it run wild with passion and vigor. And when you've spilled your blood and tear on paper. Clean it up and it will show who you truly are.


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