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Poems by William_Hathaway

They make it so I can not sleep.
My mouth gets dry,
With every breath, I feel them in my heart.
They dance though my brain with high heels,
And then slide down my spin in metal sleds.

I can imagine their there touch, against my skin
Soft, like a cashmere sweater.
They scratch my back, and bite my lip.
They are women, the women in my life.

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Biographical sketch: I have grown up in maine, I went to a bording school in NH. My Father died when I was in fifth grade. I am just about ready for college. I love to write although I still think that I am not that good at it.

William_Hathaway recommends:

The complete works by Robert Frost

Reason: My father used to read me Robert Frost poerty before bed. I love the way he sees nature and New England

Recommendations for writers:

Never stop writing.


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