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Poems by the walking chamber

The Hollow Men

Unaware belief saddened by untimely death,
The point beyond personal emptiness,
Beloved dead and heart array, stretched from sky to sky.
The thoughts among our ceased operation are intermittent and begone.
But little did we know
Of our enriched fate to season the manual dressing
To never drip from our full bottle
Just the Rembrandt and Picasso; abstract and our own
The Hollow Men listen to our deadly wait
Once aboard, our broaden ship will ring no more
Bell and ear our stop is suddenly near
Again and fused with electrical parts; strong to hip and without a gear.
Men who defeated the brave tears
Hold back gestural pains
And now the black tasteless suit they wear
Strings the nose with a purported smell of musk and hair
The Hollow Men forever a monarch in our mind
Never will any men wish to be
For a life of a thousand needles pushed in every corner and side
Would be less pain than that of a Hollow man
Who's blackened quality will attain everlasting misery.

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Biographical sketch: A person involved with the intricate places buried in his life. A walk in the park
followed with an in depth subconscious analysis of that odd look. I am myself. I walk in the present of the moon. Look, look for the stars!

the walking chamber recommends:

A 20th Century Anthology by W.E Messenger, W.H. New

Reason: It was a mandatory book studied in English 2000-2001. I liked it (the poetry inside the

Recommendations for writers:

Creating a specific image(s) that cohere to your original thoughts. Who cares if they don't understand. The perceiver does not tell all, they just perceive.


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