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Poems by Violet Uram

Story of a Drunk

A lonely man
walks through
the night,
Searching hard
for the light.
Life soaked
with whiskey and rye,
Spends hours
wondering why.
He carries his burdens
in his head,
sometimes wishing
he was dead.
But something carries him on,
looking for a life
that's been
long gone.

The firefighters
sit on a hot summer day,
watching life go by.


I walked
in rain
so no one could
see me crying.

The king of cool no man's fool live life fast that's my rule slow talkin' hip walkin' fame stalkin' master of
the scene long and lean you were a great one James Dean!

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Biographical sketch: I am working on a BFA at Seton Hill College, (located in Greensburg, PA) in English Creative Writing.

Violet Uram recommends:

Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac

Reason: This book is the most radical free form writing that I have ever encountered. It is all about the slam-beat of Kerouac's experiences in San Fransisco and his unique perspective is very imaginative.

Recommendations for writers:

I love to capture a moment, a rare emotion that can't be translated any other way except through


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