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Poems by Violently_Happy

road to temptation

you look into his fiery eyes
they are an enchanting evil cold yet warm all at once
you know you want to
he says
youve wanted to from the moment you met me
he grins
and he is right
so you take the plunge
one that did not seem so deep before now
before you come crashing down
you submit to this evil ecstasy
and your soul has been taken
you do not care though
it does not hurt anymore
and all you can feel is the warmth
of his arms running over you
and now you are his
do you regret it

Anne Pelaez

Copyright 2000 Anne Pelaez

visions in the fire

as i stare into that eternal flame
i see a vision
he comes toward me
i am not afraid any longer
and as i step into the all consuming embers
and the blazing fire caresses me
i fall into a wild insane ecstacy
and i feel myself falling
forever into the darkness
and then i am swept up
into the arms of my dark saviour
who feels like my lost half
for he knows me wholly and throughout
and we embrace

One Sided Love

To think about the days we lost
And the moments that are gone
But the thing I feel will hurt the most
Is that you were "The One"
You knew my love was true,my dear
I had nothing left to hide
I'd made my point so crystal clear
Yet you were not at my side
Now we are apart forever
Each have gone on our own way
You knew my love would last forever
So you had no will for me to stay
This love,I feel,was so one sided
But there's nothing I can do
When my love is taken forgranted,
Not when it's taken by you...


You think that this will last forever
I hope that you are right
You think there's no way I could hate you
When we just had a fight

You know I have no way of knowing
At all how you feel

You know I can only hope and pray
For your love to be real

I will soon go insane
Without help from above

Because I'm on the wrong side
Of unrequited love...

why am i still here

why am i still here
if you cannot see me
and cannot feel me
cannot touch me like you used to
is it my punishment
why am i still here
if the flowers die at my touch
and the animals look at me
hungry for my flesh
am i still on earth
or have i been sent to hell
too early

save me from this torture
acknowledge me
if i scream
can you hear me
or must i be silenced forever

am i dead yet
because a life without notice
a way to express and show my self to others
that is no life at all

why am i still here

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Biographical sketch: I am a neophyte at poetry,but my intentions,my pure emotions are true.

Violently_Happy recommends:

The Falling Rain by The International Library Of Poetry
Reason: This book is only extraordinary in my eyes due to the fact that both my dear friend Amanda Jane Amey, and myself appear here in all our glory.

Recommendations for writers:

I do not consider it usefull to think,but rather to let all of your feelings out of you,and create something beautiful.


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