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Poems by uullee

To Be In Love, Full Measure

I'd fall headlong from heaven's realm, seeking earthly fire,
if somewhere in the world below I sensed a great desire.
I'd cross the deep and lonely seas, climb mountains cold and dire,
I'd comb the night by sheer starlight to find love's hidden bower.
And if I found the very one
who drew me with such power,
I'd deem it worthy to remain
earthbound for countless hours.
For glorious though heaven be,
it seems a prison tower
when love is waiting to be had
in arms of angel lovers.
And should his hold on me be
strong, make me forget my nature,
I fell forsaking everything,
to be in love, full measure.

Dream Sense

Play with me in dreaming's sea,
in salty-honey wishes.
Finger wild imaginings,
slippery as fishes.
Bodies moving as the tides,
in waves of sweet desire,
heat the waters of the night
until they feel on fire.
But, ecstasy is fleeting.
It quickly passes by,
no matter how completely
it seems to satisfy.
So, make the most of dreams that host
such pleasure-laden schemes.
You will not know just where they go,
once past the last star's gleam.
You feel no welcome for the dawn,
you wonder, all the while,
where it is I might have gone.
I'm right there in your smile.


I wish I was an angel,
free to be with you.
I'd hold you tight in wings of white
and make a dream come true.
My kiss would taste like heaven,
honey-sweet to you.
And at my breast, I'd not give rest
but love the whole night through.

Angels dread the morning,
the glimmers of the dawn.
They must retreat with hasty feet,
obey the upward call.
My spirit cries at parting.
My heart is torn in two;
half will wing to heaven,
the other stays with you.

If love were my great master,
for all eternity,
our dream to be together
would be reality.
Apart from you I'm matchless,
so pray with all your might
that Someone sends this angel
to be with you tonight.

Love's Wish

I seek the favors of a 'king',
but a thousand lovers I would bring
to pleasure you from feet to head,
do your bidding on your bed.

I'd capture them with tales of love.
They'd listen 'til they'd heard enough,
then on their knees, they'd bend and sway,
on their backs, they'd arch and lay.

You'd feel their bodies, hear their sighs,
without knowing it was I
who wished you all this carnal bliss,
just because I liked your kiss.

Why do I wish you ecstasy
with other lovers, not just me?
And yet, when all is said and done,
I wish I was the only one.

If I put on the wings of night
and flew into your dreams tonight,
I'd be with you in fantasy
and be the master over thee.

Soft and slow, I'd touch your lips,
tease you with my fingertips,
give you love so rare and sweet,
you'd lay your 'kingdom' at my feet.

Gifts of heaven, earth's delights,
I'd share with you, then say goodnight,
and whisper to your memory,
you served me well, 'your majesty'.


Asleep, in silken dreams, soft-woven pieces of the night,
fragile cords that tie and bind,
beneath encircling light,
hold me in a story world
one moment at a time,
often without showing me
the reason or the rhyme.

Perhaps I will encounter you
some evening in a dream,
when the moon is creamy white,
reflecting gentle beams.
In its luster I would see
the smile upon your face,
and recognize you clearly,
though it soon could be erased.

Keeping hold of dreams
is quite impossible we know,
but for just a moment,
maybe we could share the glow.

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Biographical sketch: I live in Washington State with my 3 children. I began writing poetry in

uullee recommends:

Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair by Pablo Neruda
Reason: It's one of his most popular works and I value his sensuous use of nature to celebrate

Recommendations for writers:

Excellent use of words and beautiful imagery are important to me when I write.


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