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Poems by Twirly

Going On a Trip

My world trembles and shakes
Wanting, Loathing, Waiting
Common unfamiliar territory
Fearing something greater
Not knowing what it is
I hide in a shell I can not see or touch
Yet I don't recognize it
Everything is changing
Confused, Surreal, Disoriented
My silence is broken by an alien source
My feet are pulled to the ground
My shell shatters and I change myself
I don't recognize this person that's invaded my body
Deeply exploring hidden territories of my mind
Excited, Paranoid, New
So I go with it
I'm lost
Not trying to find my way back to anywhere
Forgetting everything I know
Say goodbye to myself as I break into pieces
Tumbling into a world beyond imagination
Giving something to be here, something I can never get back
I don't know what I'm losing
I might miss it
Inclosed and surrounded by my solitude
Tumbling into delirium
Cold, Alone, Gone
Everything stops
Where am I?

Lithium Dream

My house burns down
Engulfed in flames
Dancing lights
Orange, red, white, blue
Spitting sparks of glory into the darkness
I'm untouchable
Overwhelming beautiful magnificence
Debris of my heart lost by night
The still power of the silent music
My house burns down
My heart is warm
In the depth of my dimension
I'm unreachable
Unresponding to
The undeniable truth of
The brilliant flames that blaze higher
My heart fills
The precious oneness of collected splendor
Alone yet so together
At one with my solitude
Nothing can phase the last leaf that clings to the naked branches of my being
The flames proceed the universal spirit of my mind
I am content
Yet it is only a lithium dream
At last, there are no limits

The Meaning of Nothing

Look in the sun and bring me night
I walk upon this jaded path
The sound of hunger, cloud my mind
The smoke that I can hardly grasp

The thinnest thread of memory
The ominous force that coats my skin
A beggar's change, most precious thing
I feel the anguish held within

Fiction's fact within my mind
The sweetest tongue on melody
Play inside my head with time
The heart is just remedy

Overcome with newfound malaise
Inspired by my darkest deeds
I conquered your accomplishments
The future lies only in dreams

Do not resent my misspent tears
You are weak so I must fight
Blinded by the wasted years
I doubt I shall embrace the light

So cry to me your tears of ice
In this land of cold unspoken truth
And crush me with your friendly vice
The hand of wrath, you hold me loose

So why must you torment me thus?
Perpetual inside my mind
The voice that I have come to trust
The cries for help I've left behind

So gently whisper in my ear
The heartache that shall pain my soul
And tell what I cannot fear
The hurt your heart will never know


I must always have fresh wounds
If I keep this up my whole body will be covered with scars
They hold my true pain and glory
Each mark whispers of a tiny tear
All the pain in my heart
There is no place to hide in this world
And so I hide a piece of myself
Beneath my skin
I bleed out the bad thoughts and tuck away my good spirit
That part of me is lucky
That part of me gets to hide somewhere deep and dark inside of me
Somewhere safe and secluded
Somewhere I wish I could stay (alone, forever)
I have too much pain for my scars
My savior is the blade
I bleed this blood in the name of beauty

The Light at the End of The Tunnel

Now I can focus on the light at the end of the tunnel
Getting brighter then dimmer, and brighter again
As long as I continue heading forward in my life
With each step I take I move closer to Zen
For that light holds not only the answers
I'm finding myself along the way
And if I hadn't embarked on this journey
There's no telling where I would be stranded today
And through all the obstacles I've encountered
Made this trip so hard and long
I have never been able to lie to myself
Finding ways to remain optimistic and strong
So as I near the hope filled light
My journey wasn't all in vein
I'm baptized by the newfound life
And know it was worth all the pain

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Biographical sketch: I'm a student with manic-depression, and writing helps me through some tough times.

Twirly recommends:

New and Selected Poems by Mary Oliver

Reason: It has poems that I can really get into. Almost every one moves me in some way.

Recommendations for writers:

I put my emotions on paper. If you're reading my poetry I hope you understand how I was feeling.


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