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Poems by Twilah

Hidden Longings

Such agony, these feelings hidden deep within me
Pressed against my breast, seeking sweet release
I ask myself: what am I to do, where shall I go
To obtain much needed solitude and peace?

Beside flowing waters I find the answer
The sound, touching the very depths of my soul
Enticing me to let go of the pain and the loneliness
Entrapped deep within, amid secrets that only I know

But I hold fast, not daring to let these feelings show forth
Knowing the consequences that would be sure to follow
Choosing rather to bury them amid sorrow and pain
No choice remains, but to do only what my heart will allow

As the future unfolds, and my life inevitably continues
Circumstances may enter in, altering decisions I've made
But for now, dear heart, on this path there must and will remain
Words unspoken, etched upon my heart...and never said

In My Imagination

In my imagination, sometimes so vivid and real,
I envision us together, walking hand in hand;
Along the beach so obscure, our hidden place,
With towering palms overlooking shifting sand.

In my imagination, you take my hand in yours
As we venture into the water so blue;
Alone in our own private little world
With only the desire of being with you.

In my imagination, we frolic and play
As children with no care for time or place;
Each of us knowing the others desire
No need for words now...our hearts race..

In my imagination, he takes me into his arms,
The world disappears as we declare our love;
His embrace so warm, his kisses so tender..
The only onlookers, the moon...the stars above.

Morning comes quickly, and with it the dawn,
I awaken to reality once again it would seem;
But in my imagination we’ll meet yet again,
Until the day we’re both free, I will dream.


The pounding of the surf,the beating of one’s heart,
Both being motivated by the desire to live;
Waves cling to the shore amid demands to depart.
Finally succumbing, with no more strength to give.
The tide seeks out its prey, reaching out in despair,
Grasping whatever happens to stand in its pathway; Finally it draws back,
recoils...defeated fair,
It recedes and then in anger slithers away. Back in retreat it flows, but
strength comes from the sea,
As its’ mighty power is now regained once more;
Once again, empowered with renewed strength and fury,
It hastens back and crashes down upon the shore.
This time the shore relinquishes its weak'ning
hold; The sea has won again, the story timelessly told.

Agonizing Regrets

Why is it we never know the heart of someone
Until they are laid to rest, their presence gone?
Why are we so devoid of compassion ? Couldn't
We see the pain that had been there all along?

We think we are the epitome of understanding;
Nevertheless we could never take the time
To fill an hour of her day with remembrance;
Our needs had to be primary; hers put behind.

When the days pass, and memories come flooding back
As they surely will, and along with it the gnawing pain
Why didn’t we take the time to know this precious one?
If only we had a second chance, to do it over again.

All that is left is an old tattered diary..containing her dreams;
Scattered sayings...verses from an old poem or two.
We realized ..this was the summary of her existence
For who really cared? Not a soul of whom she knew

Now that she is gone..these things are like precious gold
We weep over them, such anguish we can’t help but feel;
If only we had not been so unfeeling, so distant and cold,
We’d not have this guilt, Oh God, it’s so painfully real

My Escape

We all have longings, that permeate our minds,
Call them fantasies, call them dreams.. they are there;
Scenes played out in our imaginations many times o’er,
Taking us away from the realities we’re called to bear.

I, in my longings, walk along the ocean’s edge.
The cool spray falling on my uplifted face;
My footprints disappear just as quickly as my dreams
Washed away, I watch them vanish without a trace

I dream of the foam, swirling softly around my ankles,
Becoming entangled in seaweed, It quickly withdraws;
The ocean smell invades my nostrils, as my breathing
Becomes deeper, my inner being soothed by it’s laws

No other place on earth, in my mind, would suffice,
Than where God’s great power is so evidently seen;
The mighty ocean beckons to me, time after time, and
Returning, my mind becomes renewed, once again.

All dreams must end, my longings locked away in my heart,
Until the next time I allow my I allow them to have full rein;
When life becomes stale, and I need to be refreshed,
I will escape to my ocean, and my dreams once again.

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Biographical sketch: I am married, have six children. I have written a
children's book, am now writing a romance novel. I also write music. I have written poetry from an early age.

Twilah recommends:

La Vita Nuova by Dante
Reason: This poet changed the style of writing with his work. His sonnets
really brought out his true feelings...and deeply moved me.

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at amazon.com!

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Think about what you feel and think inside...and let the thoughts flow from your pen to the paper...

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