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Poems by trioven

Behold he who has no beauty
For he who has no such quality
Do not see for the heart he holds
Nor the way he cares or for the way his words are told
By no means is he of any importance
To quiet to be seen, to loud to be understood
Do not notice his emotions or his feelings for they are worthless
Do not spend your precious time for he is no more than a waste
His body is by no means in good taste
Do not bother to look into his soul
This man you ask who is he?
He is the man in the mirror i see

What U Mean to Me
A sweet everlasting rose that blooms in the cold and blossoms in the heat called life
A breath of fresh happiness that shines brighter than the sun
Your smile opens the darkest and deepest corners of my soul
Wanting u in my life is just the essence of my whole being of existance
U have grasped me from the brink of the obilivion called depression and soared past my highest expectations of happiness
your sweet tender touch removed all the scared thorns from my heart and replaced them with new hope, confidence, and belief
in myself

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trioven recommends:

by shel silversteen
Reason: where the sidewalk ends
Its poems are through the eyes of a child but it opened my eyes to the beauty of imagination.

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To open your heart and soul let your feelings roll onto the paper.


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