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Poems by Traci Vinal


I sought to find a wand'ring soul,
Lost years ago in death.
And as I searched it came to mind,
Might it be better left?
But on I searched, in sleeplesss nights,
Through passages long untrodden,
And came upon many a dream
I wished had remained forgotten.
Yet still I searched, and felt much pain,
Relived, but still as strong,
In endless desperate nights of rain
When I wished life weren't so long.
I quit my search to forget those dreams,
But they would not let me rest,
So condemning me to a life of searching
For what was better left.


If Death were a bird
That swooped down on it's prey,
Like a lover in springtime
To bear them away,
It would not be vulture
Or eagle, or gull.
Death would ride smoothly
The wings of a dove.
Wooing the righteous,
The young and the strong,
It's grasping is gentle,
But it's reach is long.
It's silent wings spread o'er the earth,
Knowing each soul's need for peace.
It's calling, soft, yet always heard,
Wings each soul to it's release.


I grasp in desperation at blind faith's
Silken, slender cord,
Hoping that against all odds
I will be drawn on board
The silver crested mastship,
Called Stormy Sanity,
Forever, ever tossing
Upon the waveless sea.
And oh, the sea is bitter cold,
Preparing me an unknown grave.
There's tantalizing light above
The merciless, raging waves.
If I could but grasp fast hold,
The sun might ease this killing cold.
But Sanity is a fickle vessel,
Drifting just beyond my rescue.

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Biographical sketch: I'm a 34-year-old mother of one. I tend to be optimistic and despondent by turns. Take your chances.

Traci Vinal recommends:

Norton Anthology of Poetry by Allison et al.
Reason: It simply has a wide variety of "reads" to suit all my different moods. I also prefer to read classical poetry as it's generally more lyrical. I don't consider myself a poetry connisseur - I just know what I like.

Recommendations for writers:

Don't think too much, it'll only hamper your creative drive. Let the words come through you and rewrite later.


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