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Poems by Tommy Napalm


I take steps forward,
Uncertain of direction
While the doors to celestial realm appear before me.
Each door with disparate features,
As if fictitious
Drifting from dream to dream.
Could I be in heaven?
I face them
One by one,
With knowledge of gripping just one choice.
Which one will I choose?
I take several steps forward,
Confident of direction
Erupting in my voice.
The furthest door opens
As I enter the realm to completion,
Yearning to be lost.
I suddenly awaken,
Distant to recall
Those buried thoughts.

Mirror of Recollection

In a darkened room where candles glow,
Appears a bewildered shadow, whose years had painfully been taken.
It stares into the antique mirror
Where visions are sought, and souls awaken.
It's aching heart races against the images that flicker,
Blurred from the sight of a legend.
Suddenly, it is the time of a once blissful day,
When it stood graciously in wedding.
It's presence of a king, whose years had been majestic,
Alongside a priceless mate, whose spirit he honored.
Suddenly, it is the time of a once dreadful day,
When her ashes filled the air as it helplessly wandered.
The visions are departed, shattered as it stares into the fallen mirror.
It's shadow remains in a darkened room, while the images cease to flicker.

Set Them Free

Alone on Icy grounds
A hunter sits
Entranced by flames.
No shelter, no guidance
His stoic face still
Weakened from his selfish games.
The howls commence
Darkening the hunter's fire
Scorching the shiver in his veins.
Tempted to kill
He clenches his weapon
Setting off visions of pain.
Hungry dogs stare
As the hunter smiles
Targeting their teary blue eyes.
His trigger finger useless
As tears of the remains
Set them free of the hunter's pride.


Alone I've been, soul seeking nurture
They see me dark, evil like vulture
Peaceful creature, hunger for encounter
Tenderness eroding, a mind in blur
Alone I am, my heart bleeds fury
Raging man-o-war, on helpless journey
In trust I fear, the scars of life
Blemishes of hate, piercing of knife
Armed with sting, concealment from terror
Survival amongst me, the hatred I sever
In peace I rest, in conflict I roam
Gentle-hearted beast, destined to be alone


Wearied creature lurking, trapped in senseless trail
Haunted by the echoes, tragic battles failed
Voices of wisdom, calling of the master
Silencing the beast, the ocean surges faster
Entrenchment of mind, my thoughts unbroken
The blue route illusion, a gateway unfrozen
Sanctum in the sea, confronting my master
Kneeled before his presence, showered with laughter
Triumph concluded, with god I reign
My wisdom always burning, the feeding of flames

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Biographical sketch: 26 years old, live on the east coast. Love to write poems from the heart and from

Tommy Napalm recommends:

When I get There by Thomas M. Trench

Reason: I like this book not only because it is mine. I feel that the poems are unique in that they
contain a collection of one's thoughts. They are real and they don't hold back. These thoughts and views are reflected in images of the ocean.

Recommendations for writers:

I feel that the most important thing is to write about what is true to you, meaning from the heart


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