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Poems by Tomika Skanes


and with gentle touch
he bows my head
to kiss his cheek
so there we stood for a week

he looked at me with pure delight
slowly sauntered to my right
peeled off his shirt
what could i say?
there we stood for a day

soon that day turned to night
and the hours became minutes
until i found myself
grasping for seconds
or just a moment longer with you

The Fall

i never meant
to fall in love
never meant to.
i never meant
to let my heart escape
to be captured by you.
with gentle hands
you picked it up
and placed it on my sleeve
although i pushed away your reach
still you did not leave.
instead you probed the regions
with unyielding tenderness
as i learned to unfold my palms
to take your sweet caress.
suddenly my soul
was touched
suddenly i knew
i couldn’t be without your love
i’ve fallen into you.

I wasn't finished loving you

I wasn't finished loving you
and like a moments thought
you came and went
I wasn't finished loving you
much too short a time was spent
and your song
so few had heard
I memorized each verse
I had not chance to love you more
our time was much too terse
I wasn't finished loving you
the day you went is the day I died
I never fathomed it would be so soon
we'd have to say goodbye
So many things we were to do
so many things I never knew
I damn the day you left, my love
I wasn't finished loving you

The Lord is With You

When the road seems long and rugged
and you feel you're on your own
Remember the Lord is with you
you're never all alone

When you feel the tasks are many
more than you can do
Remember the Lord is with you
to help you make it through

When the baggage that you carry
is too much for you to hold
Remember the Lord is with you
to lighten up your load

When the results, you feel, are few
and you've done all that you can
Remember the Lord is with you
to lend a helping hand

When the days are full of worries
of the world that's so unkind
Remember the Lord is with you
to lift them from your mind

When you feel that life's a battle
and defeat is all you gain
Remember the Lord is with you
to ease away your pain

When you feel your heavy burden
is more than you can bear
Remember the Lord is with you
for God is always there

No matter how long the journey
or how rough ahead the ride
Remember the Lord is with you
He's standing by your side

Mine Iniquity

beguiling words
you do secrete
preempting hands
do take hold
empty promises made to me
yet enamorously told

you occluded my empassioned heart
you bastardized my soul
and in a state of sullen stupor
my innocence you stole

an iniquity you were to me
and slimy to the touch
profound wonder it is to me
how i loved you much

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Biographical sketch: Began writing poetry as a hobby at age 18. Also dabble is art and music. Currently pursuing my modeling career

tomikaskanes recommends:

room enough for love by ralph fletcher
Reason: simplicity at its best, fletcher is able to communicate to all audiences the beauty of first love

Recommendations for writers:

being able to convey the feeling of the work


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