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Poems by tobiastreppmann

Winter morning

Winter morning
The streetlights burning
Despite the bright, blue, cloudless sky
The streets - they are gloomy
and full - of shadow and rime
People dressed black and blue
Hoping to be just in time
Wips of smoke fom the cars
Are dancing on the street
Everything else is frozen,
Static, unable to move
Not one single word spoken
A friendly hand hides in a glove
All animals seem to have died
Just two little birds still alive
In love following each other
on their winter-morning-flight

Birdy Birdy

Oh birdy birdy
How can you be
In the tree
And sing a happy song?
For the world is growing colder every day

Despite the tears flowing
And the dying on earth
You are there
Sitting on your branch
Singing a happy song

Birdy birdy
You sing your song tonight
For the lord makes your day bright

We'll meet again in heaven

I look around into the faces
You come from many diff'rent places
Many people I learned to know
And it's so hard for me to go
With ev'ry leaving one of you
A piece of me is leaving too
I wonder if we'll meet again (on earth)
But maybe it is not god's plan
To me this were so special days
Where god showed me his power 'n' grace
A blessed time it has been for me
Together with you I enjoyed to be
But even when we go away
There is one thing that will stay
Though we're leaving blessed ground
We're together cause we're heaven bound
And one fact you shall remember
We'll meet again in god's heavenly chamber
Yeah we will meet in heaven
We'll see each other face to face
We'll meet again in heaven
The doors are open through his grace
We'll meet again in heaven
So don't be sad to leave
We'll meet again in heaven
If we just do believe
Yeah we'll meet again in heaven
That's where we'll meet again!

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Biographical sketch: A young poet born 1982 who early discovered his ability to write, but never really did write poems until one day he dropped some lines and felt like doing more, and so he did.

tobiastreppmann recommends:

The Psalms of the Bible by David and many other

Reason: What makes the Psalms so extraordinary is that they cover such a high bandwidth of feelings and situations in life in relationship between people and between people and god.

Recommendations for writers:

The most important thing when writing poetry for me is, that I can rest my mind and let my thoughts flow out of my hand onto the paper. This may sound quite normal, but it is difficult to find in today's world of flooding by the media.


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