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Poems by thirdeyeopen

"The Act of Fusion"

As I press against your shrine of integrity
I soon begin to lose my own philosophies
When I start to regress from this egotistical lie
The path to my self indulgences slowly enters my eye
You have given me the vision that is needed to perceive
These unknown abilities that I have yet to achieve
My eyes now become the tool I have needed for so long
To perceive the light that has linked us together along
As I awaken into my newly found dimension
I transform the deceits I have received throughout my ascension
Into the stepping stones I need to pave the way to my fate
Each step strengthens my soul, brings me closer to you, my soul mate
As I stride on this path of unrelenting opposition
I break the barriers that have imprisoned me from this transition
I now have acquired the insight I've needed to solve
This quest I've been on to grow and evolve
As the pieces start to fall into place
The meaning of this journey I start to embrace
You have been the unrelenting force guiding me all along
I now can see the light leading me to where I belong
Realizing that our lives have only begun
We stare with minds open, and unite into one

"Irresistible Power"

Fell back in this hole once more
Back to the place I've been many times before
My integrity can't stand up to it anymore
This uncontrollable hunger much to strong to ignore
To this demon I am but only a slave
For it contains the special power that I crave
But it only casts the shadows that come to deprave
This very life I've been trying to save

Dreading the time when darkness evolves into light
Knowing of the internal war I must soon fight
A difficult battle that continues night after night
Until peace of mind is nowhere in sight

"False Religion"

Lost souls endlessly search.
Seeking a sense of existence.
Fall victim to the lies of the church.
And the deceptions of self-confidence.

A false prophet that is only purse-proud.
Preaches a hypocritical sermon,
to the weak and feeble in the crowd.
Claiming that their fate they can predetermine.

He says you can have life eternal.
As he thinks of his initial profit.
He claims for a price you can escape a life infernal.
As the weak give their wealth to this false prophet.

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Biographical sketch: My name is Andy Augspurger and I live in Springfield, Missouri. Also, I'm an
aspiring musician.

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Reason: These 56 poems were inspired by the Tao Te Ching (Way of Life), and are some of Leary's greatest writings.

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Just open your mind and write what ever enters your thoughts.


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