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Poems by The_Tomb

For Her.

A rock in a sheltered bay,
Like night and day intertwined,
That twinkling twilight hour,
When colour is discarded,
And a blinking blur becomes my sight,
And I have No Fear,
No Fear, No Fear.

This Forlorn pain controls me,
It has captured my soul,
By the sun and stars and sea,
And earths beauty as a whole.
It is lodged upon my spirit,
Placed shackles on my feet,
But still, I cannot leave it,
It burns me with its heat.

The sea,
hits the rocks
penetrating the golden sunset,
Splashing like a hymn.
An apple falls
from its precarious place,
hits the grass
on a hilltop.

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Biographical sketch: Born in 1975. I started writing poetry when I was 14 years old. Ever since then my love of the art has become an obsession (almost).

The_Tomb recommends:

Poetica by Edmund Behan

Reason: I studied this book in school, and it was this book which ignited my interest in poetry.

Recommendations for writers:

It doesn't matter what you write, it doesn't even have to rhyme, the point is that you have written something that means something to you, and that is all that matters.


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