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I'm through playing games
that I know can't be won.
Getting on with life
I'll stop for no one.
The final blow that made me go
is no longer important,you see
All that is important now
is focusing on me.
Sounds rather selfish
but I'm the only one
on which I can depend,
where I go in this life
and how my story ends.
Starting over again
is scary
exciting too!
I know I've made the right choice
by leaving you.
Because the possibilities are
now endless
unlike before...
I really did feel born again
when you walked out the door.


They say it's all in the game
but games
are supposed to be fun
There has been no laughter for
so long
I'm beginning to feel numb.
Depression settles in like a
damp, rainy night.
I wish I had the answers
to make it all right.
Instead I face the day,
dazed and confused.
Old before my time
dead yet still alive
going through the motions,
Waiting for a change.

Promise Land

Woke up dead this morning
impossible,you say?
I know it must be true,
only dead can feel this way.
Numb to my surroundings
yes, truly in a daze
everything I see
is surrounded with a haze.
Trapped within these walls
oh no! I can't breathe!
It's such an awful feeling
to be the walking dead.
People look at you strange
they just don't understand
I may be here in body
but my spirit has flown away.
Gone to the promise land...
it's quiet there
I think I'll stay.

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Biographical sketch: 32 years old mother of 4

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