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Hope's Arrival

All her fears
Are shown with silent tears
Shed only within restless dreams
Into which no bright light beams

Dawn brings naught but a maze
Through which she stumbles in a daze
She alone walks through life
Never pro testing it's strife

She knows hers is a troubled walk
Since fear says she must not talk
When they say she's strong
She knows their wrong
And she plays with the belief
That death would bring relief

But hope still shall come
And no more will she mourn
The new light of day
Within her soon will lay

With the eagles she will soar
And hear her soul's joyous roar
All her fears shall sleep
And her happiness again shall leap

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Biographical sketch: I'm a 19 year old university student who loves to write novels and poems and I'm studying to become a child psychologist

storeighteller recommends:

The Best Loved Poems of the American People by Mary Zukove
Reason: It has hundreds of poems, about all sorts of things, including the greats and the not-ever-heard-of. It's a wonderful collection

Recommendations for writers:

What you're trying to get across...the point that you would like to make. If you have a definite idea about that, then the poem should come easier to you.


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