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Poems by Steve Sheridan

The Perfect Storm

Long ago a night of terror gripped a salty crew
A vessel five men on and nets filled with their due
Their harvest to the brim was time to turn around
Andrea Gail rudder set headed homeward bound

By afternoon all warmth was gone heaviness set in
Bleakness grew overhead the cold was on the skin
Warnings sent and then reply its all to save our catch
This boat we have as sturdy as the sea is not a match

Darkness soon set upon the only life out there
The fierceness of the wind and rain echoed their dare
Swells rose up then down so deep repeating all again
Relentless was this force of Gale its nature gone insane

Livelihoods are balanced up and then the change of call
This hurricane it has its grip so humbles men to small
Attempt they did a mighty try to time the turn just right
Never was it seen before of mountains with such height

Then the chance arose in front a wall so sheer to scale
It raised itself some fifty feet its strength upon the
Engulfing all who try to test the anger of the storm
Up against elusiveness of torrents without form

So it was that on this day the five were laid to rest
Unfulfilled dreams and hopes each unresolved request
For many have gone before all searching for the school
Watery graves remind us there that man is not to rule

The Search

Tooleema Sharimba is this the way
Where bluebells and prinsols shine all day
Tell me please for I must return
The Wizard has news for my concern

It is oh thank you I must proceed
To learn of the formula to grow our seed
Urgent it is and I am the one
I cannot stop until my work is done

Through the valley that rains its dust
Onto plains of thick white crust
Watching for Wan-Wans as it is I they prey
Escaping poison from mouths that spray

Ahead in the distance a bird in view
As white as snow with breast so blue
The air of pride his eyes very wise
Entry is forbidden to the one who lies

Harsepholing, he sensed at me
You may pass the truth I see
Your pledge fulfil have no fear
The one you seek isn't far from here

Into Cellinium the rainbow of peace
Where tides so calm enter and release
Hues whose softness blends with dream
And droplets of dew become life's stream

Surrounded by foliage all shape and form
Mingled with sunbeams pure and warm
The Wizard appears out from the fall
Observes then beckons with arms and call

Harsepholing, you come to seek
To hear the words I am to speak
Long ways you have ventured for your key
So I will tell to set you free

Within you all there is a part
Which holds your key, its called a heart
Search it deep and you will find
The seed of love will serve your kind

Big Brother

Assemblies of red and of green by row
Fluttering symbols that point to the hosts
Signs of unity for the collective to grow
Honour is your house and justice its posts

You're tongue is known for its faltering words
How before the crowning you speak so loud
With arms outstretched you gather the herds
Foretelling of things to benefit the crowd

Oppression under foot and curfew your rule
The rod of hard labour goes on without end
Your master counts off the work of a mule
And then you divide it to add to the blend

As deception is the shadow that walks with you
So will your palace be plunged into darkness
Your rules and commands never again in view
The hierarchy crumbles and falls to blackness

Flight to Freedom

Swallow like flights soaring high
Above and below a milky sky
Golden sunbeams that carry away
All sorrows left from yesterday

Voids of haze that swirl and trap
Bits of forever in secret wrap
Stars whose light are old and wise
Shine with hope to faithful eyes

The universe to cross so fast by thought
Exploring the wonders of every sort
>From beyond the mist all is clear
Truth and knowledge are found in here

Time gone by and time not yet
Form as one to weigh the debt
Of pure in heart will then succeed
And so to infinity will be freed


To never know if caught in deed
In silent acts of lust and greed
To never know if eyes out there
Scanned a bit enough to scare

To feel within a gnoring knot
A sickly taste of inner rot
To feel within a thumping mind
With no escape no course to find

To walk alone to run at night
Memories rule the way by fright
To walk alone to cringe and hide
Always looking never inside

The path of pain is burnt in fate
With no remorse and no end date
The gnashing teeth will always be
With no remorse so certainly

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Biographical sketch: I am 45 years old. Poetry can be mysterious and revealing in multi perspectives.

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Each word and every line must be a part of the overall context.

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