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Poems by SKYE

My Church
My church is on a mountain top
Where the snowcapped peaks surround you.
My church is in the fields and plains,
With the flowers all around you.
My church is under starlit sky
That fills my soul with wonder.
Where the lightening flash
Fills the infinite space
And the sound is distant thunder.
My church is in the summer storm,
That rages is the dark.
My church is in God`s promise
In the bow of rainbow`s arc
My church is all with wonderous things,
That come within my view
In all of God`s creation
To fill my life time through.

Dawn`s Chorus
Listen to dawn`s chorus
Of happy feathered creatures
Showering upon us
Lilting summer`s revelry.
Sitting in the treetops
The world is still a-sleeping
They know that dawn is breaking
So careful watch they`re keeping.
Oh joyous little birds,
In silence through the winter
No morning songs are heard
But, the cold sleet`s pitter patter.
Now alive the morning comes
As they bring the day along
Heralding the brand new morn
With the greeting of a song.

Winter Sunday
The broad sun of winter,
Frozen sidewalks on my way
To melt the icy earth,
In the warmer parts of day.
Cold breath amidst the slumbers, frozen petals for her dress,
She shows a tattered face,
To the cold air`s carress.
Yet, in death lies her compasssion,
For this penetrating sting
Will bare those newborn leaves to me,
At the heralding of spring

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Biographical sketch: nurse to the elderly. Born in England but lived in Long Island, New York until 1959. Have travelled throughout the world extensively. My hobbies include, walking, wildlife, travel, reading and the arts. I have worked as a nurse for 30 years.

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Collection of poems by Sorley MacLean

Reason: Poems translated from the gaelic about the Scottish Islands I love.

Recommendations for writers:

If your poetry will reach someones soul and share and inner same experience of life.


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