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Once upon a time I had a boy
he had a crap-ass truck
but it was a good truck
could go anywhere, do anything
nothing could destroy it
now I have a new boy
he has a brand new compact
can't go anywhere, does nothing
stuck in a place with a car in my face

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Biographical sketch: I'm a hopeless romantic who yearns for peace. My
passions are poetry, photography, and design. I'm a cheerleader who attends
Longwood College.

sjholly recommends:

A Night Without Armour by Jewel Kilcher
Reason: It is a collection of poems. They are real and sincere. Her
poems are deep and written over a lifetime. She is a rolemodel for all young

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Recommendations for writers:

Be real. Be honest. Don't fake it. Don't sweat it if you can't rhyme. Write
from your heart.


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