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Poems by SillyPoeticNurse

Off the beaten path

'Twas something funny, gibberish almost
Dancing in my mind
And in the echo of laughter
[I laugh at myself most often]
-'Tis good to do such a thing-
Alas! It came back to me
Rekindled youth; jovial desires
Passion for life and all its details
Smiles were simply easier to come by
Pain, Anger, and Loneliness coerced to the back seat
Busy arguing over who would get the window
I drowned them out
And in my own way - laughed at Them
For all this time I was their prisoner
Then are unknowing it is their time to be banished
And the clouds were dancing every one
Because they were wise enough and happy at the event
Such a long journey to here
But it takes a while if you keep going in circles
Shelly L. Curtis

For Lack of Nothing Better

Somehow it came to be my innocence was spent
And 'tis my folly to dodge mirrors
Reflections of who I was surround me
'Twas life that left me jaded
Travelling this winding path
It seems to go in circles
Perhaps I should rest, but for a moment
To pluck the thorns and splinters
That have accumulated through the years
Who has time to heal past pain
So, foolishly, I tread stormy waters
Thriving merely on pain alone
And we march to the beat of a broken heart
'Twas a night like this very one
I lost myself and all that I am
Endlessly searching
My hands are empty
But what am I searching for. . .

Shelly L. Curtis


" I think to myself - what a wonderful world"

Anchor man greets our living rooms
All too quick to tell who has died, killed , starved,
We tune on our TV's to see our great leader
With his supposed regret at his immorality
Hello world….see how desensitized we have become
To immoral violations

And it's okay cause the other guys did it
He's our chosen leader and he lies to
His family , his country, himself
Guess what kids ,it is okay to lie
Especially if you are in charge

And we complain our kids our unruly
Children live what they learn
And we cry our world is uncaring
You reap what you sow

God has been removed
To make room for new, costly religions
Human kindness has taken back seat
Greed is at the helm

We can not share our many roads
We can not share a caring word
We can not share a simple peace
We can not share a whole world

Good Morning World!
Today's top story:
Someone lied
Someone died
Someone cried
No one cared


my heart yearns, the poor fool
thinks desires can come true
love has branded and abandoned
too many times
and if she could learn self love
perhaps the yearning would cease
she cries in the night lonely tears
in the day she silently hums a love tune
surely there is one meant for her
well isn't there
she knows well pain, jealousy, betrayal
she'd rather take up with
faith, hope, and romance
but they somehow shun her
or so it seems
because they have not shown their face
or so it seems
her poor heart such a fool
searching for something
that may never be found
despite the years and the tears
she may drown in the fears
but she does not give up
as she defends her sinking ship


on stars, ducks and suppressed emotions

sat there staring at the sky
yes I was too scared to look in your eyes
and when we came to this point
my heart- I could just rip it out
It felt again that pathetic emotion
I combat it each day
and the games people play
every day, every way
pretending not to care
caring means weakness
it's okay to smile
it's okay to touch
just as long as you don't love
and if our lives were as simple
as those ducks in that pond
swimming round in circles
but then again
we're going in circles... it seems
can I have this dance
it used to be our song
see the stars in the sky
reach out to touch them
and here you are close to me
I want to reach out to touch you
are you as far away as the stars
drifting off to dream in your arms
feels so right -your warm embrace
next to you, close to you
thought this dream had ended
didn't die, just subsides
but here it is again
dancing through my dreams

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Biographical sketch: I am 26, a Registered Nurse and have written poetry since I was 10 years old

SillyPoeticNurse recommends:

the treasury of American Poetry by Nancy Sullivan
Reason: vast collection of American poets work

Recommendations for writers:

don't THINK, just let the feelings flow to paper


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