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Poems by Shiva Nashroudi

Who Am I ?

I'm completely romantic
in love with song and lyric
I'm singing and dancing,
but who cares for my music?

One day I gather the dreams,
the other scatter the beams
Sometimes my thought screams,
then as narrow as streams.

I'm nobody, somebody, everybody,
searching for human heart
and no matter you or anybody
will give it, shan't give it to me?
It's another TO BE OR NOT TO BE!

Although saying goodbye's difficult,
I'm going to say farewell to rhyme.
Though change's not avoidable,
I try to fight it, conquer the time.

We Never Met

Although we never met
only chatting in the net
the ice between us
began to melt.

My prince, you came
and I, your dame
wishing never starting the game
we both wished the same.

Only waiting to get online
the love's miracle completely done
it was your fault or mine
to break the friendship's sign?

The same emotions, we shared
to fulfill your loneliness, I cared
being brave enough, we dared
to touch the invisible bird.

All of a sudden, the bird vanished
out of heaven, we were banished
losing each other, we seriously famished
not knowing who should be punished.

The Sacred Unity

In the vast land of eternity
where no one can harm the lamb
the sky hugs the land
eyes in eyes, hand in hand.
Blue is the sky, yolk is the land
their marriage green,
an emerald in a dream!

For a rose to be made
tear and blood are both needed.
What's the pink? Red or white
which has touched the sense of sight?
In the refuge of the egg,
the kiss of yolk and white
leads to the bird's flight.

So, leave the blue, the red, and the white
Green is sacred, pink is delight.
Know that although physically apart
we're unified highly in the heart.

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Biographical sketch: I got my M.A in English literature in January 2001.Symbolically, as suggested by January, it was a new beginning, resurrection, & renaissance. Although I was familiar with literature before, in those years I learned how to touch, love, & communicate with a poem & I feel that was the best gift, offered to me by the muse.

Shiva Nashroudi recommends:

The Norton Anthology of Poetry by Allison & the others
Reason: It contains the different periods of American & English poetry from the very beginning to the contemporary time. This variety of periods & peoples makes it interesting to me.

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