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Poems by Sarah

My Rachmaninoff
Making music as he walks
With a feline grace

Small soft snow falling
Resting on the evergreen
Changing its color

"Disappearing Dreams"

the warm wind sweeps across the hill
the snow s l o w l y
slipping away
into the earth
just as her dreams
often fall away
she lets them go
hoping one day
they'll stay
deep down
just as the snow melts
so will her dreams.

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Biographical sketch: I am a high school senior. Next fall I will attend SUNY New Paltz and major in
music education.

Sarah recommends:

"Somewhere" by e.e.cummings

Reason: This poem expresses the feeling of love in a new and imaginitive way. It uses words in ways that we as readers and writers are not necessarily used to seeing them used.

Recommendations for writers:

Getting in touch with your feelings is the most important thing. If you have a connection to what you're writing about it helps a lot. If you just go with what you feel comfortable with it makes writing easier.


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