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Poems by ~Sarah~


A shadow in the corner
Ever fading with the dawn of each new day
A whisper, an echo of what I should be
I am a lost spirit, sad but free
Invisible to the world

I float, listening to snatches of words
On the outside, looking in
Never quite fitting in
If you're not careful I might evaporate
Into thin air

I lie trapped between my world and yours
Tears like red hot coals
Trodden on, kicked into the dust
You hardly know I'm there
To you I'm invisible.
You don't care

What are we worth?

Lying safe in someone's arms
You know you're safe from harm
People are too busy
In a world that's far from pretty
Society doesn't care for you or me
There's a fine line between fate and destiny
But I believe in the things that were just meant to be

We are insignificant specks on this earth
But to each other we have our own worth
Important only to one another
A child, a mother and more, a lover
Together we are closer to our dreams
We can make life as good as it seems
Celebrate achievements,laugh away tears
Above all be positive, chase away your fears.


Scared her dad's gonna hit her
Scared he'll make her cry
Last night he attacked her
Right now she wants to die

He explodes in red hot anger
When he sees her on the net
'Ive gotta go' she whispered
'Else ill be in trouble pet.'

She wants to know why he hates her
Why he never hugs her tight
Why she can't phone a friend
And must stay home all night

How much longer can she take such pain
From the man she calls her dad?
She knows her family hate her
Why do they make her feel so bad?

So she sends me a desperate plea
Which makes me cry
She says she'll understand if i hate her too
And that she longs to die.

Extinguished Flame

She saw red, her eyes glazed over seeing them together.
Hot blooded anger pulsed through her veins
Like red hot lava through Pompei.
Then the tears came as her heart bled and broke.
All that sweet love inside of her just burst.
The hot fire of passion, that eternal flame
Simply extinguished itself, died, and went out.
She would not see red any more.


It's been raining for so long
I can't remember what was wrong
I wish I could smile again now
Without the pain to bring me down

I lost my youth amid the blue
I see no loneliness in you
I must try to be strong
Hell is not where I belong

And as I cry these burning tears
I will try to kill my fears
But it's hard witout a friend
This lonely night could spell the end

It's been so long since I felt whole
I don't fit in, i have an empty soul
Depression is ugly, cold and grey
And I find it hard to survive the day

Alone I sit and wait for life
To give me strength to take that knife
I cannot survive another day
Of pain, please take my life away.

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Biographical sketch: I am an 18 year old student from England. I love writing poetry and have had one
poem published. I also love singing and reading.

~Sarah~ recommends:

Sophie's Log by Sophie Large

Reason: This is an extraordinary book of inspiration. These are the writings, mostly poetry, of 19
year old Sophie Large who tragically died. Everyone can relate to her feelings, her sadness, joy and courage.

Recommendations for writers:

You should always write from the heart, that's where the strongest poetry comes from. Write about what you know, your experiences, thoughts and feelings.



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