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Poems by samvak

Cutting to Existence

My little brother cuts himself into existence.

With razor tongue I try to shave his pain,

he wouldn't listen.

His ears are woollen screams, the wrath

of heartbeats breaking to the surface.

His own Red Art.

When he cups his bleeding hands

the sea of our childhood

wells in my eyes

wells in his veins

like common salt.

Tableaux (on Van Gogh)

Listening to a scarlet sink, detached

an ear, still glistening wax,

in bloody conch.

The gaping flesh.

Wild scattered eyes

fiercing the mirror.

Light ricochets from trembling blade

(it's gaslight evening and the breeze ...)

Behind his stooping shoulders,

a painted room ablaze

the dripping composition of his blood.

The winding crowd

inflates the curtains inwards,

sails of a flying Dutchman.

A Hundred Children

Tell me about your sunshine
and the sounds of coffee
and of barefeet pounding the earthen floor
the creaking trees
and the skinned memory of hugs
you gave
and you received.

Sit down, yes, here,
the intermittent sobbing
of the shades
slit by your golden face.

Now listen to the hundred children
that are your womb.

I am among them.

When you wake the morning

When you wake the morning

red headed children shimmer in your eyes.

The veinous map

of sun drenched eyelids


throbbing topography.

Your muscles ripple.

Scared animals burrow

under your dewey skin.

Frozen light sculptures

where wrinkles dwell.

Embroidered shades,

in thick-maned tapestry.

Your lips depart in scarlet,

flesh to withering flesh,

and breath in curved tranquility

escapes the flaring nostrils.

Your warmth invades my sweat,

your lips leave skin regards

on my humidity.

Eyelashes clash.

Prague at Dusk

Prague lays over its inhabitants in shades of grey. Oppressively close to
the surface, some of us duck, others simply walk carefully, our shoulders
stooped, trying to avoid the monochrome rainbow at the end of the hesitant
rain. Prague rains itself on us, impaled on one hundreds towers, on a
thousand immolated golden domes. We pretend not to see it bleeding to the
river. We just cross each other in ornate street corners, from behind
exquisite palaces. We don't shake heads politely anymore. We are not sure
whether they will stay connected if we do.

It is in such times that I remember an especially sad song, Arabic sounds
interlaced with Jewish wailing. Wall after wall, turret after turret, I
re-visit my homeland. It is there, in that city, which is not Arab, nor
Jewish, not entirely modern, nor decidedly antique that I met her.

And the pain was strong.

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