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Poems by Salem ALnuaimi

A lonely Soul

Screams l hear them talking
My feelings digging the grave
My tears are slowly walking
My Pain is whispering
Do you need a ride?
My conscious craving to hide
She committed suicide
In a dark room in my heart
She died a lonely soul
Silence within me weeps
When no one else is crying
Watching her rising to heaven
To my mind
Where colorful all the ripens
Where the angels are my thoughts?
Received with smile, smell of the Nile
A Floating boat carrying her notes
I hate men where no win
He is me goodness he is me sins
I will die for him
Written elegantly but very thin
Scattered roses and a bloody pen

She is dead
Twelve red roses l went to put on her grave
Then l went to the ocean to whisper to the weaves
Some people are crazy they think she is alive
Laughing hard playing cards while looking at people
My anger is screaming she won't come back
Love is craziness have or lack, I killed her
People asking me where did you Barry her
Placeless crime a dead soul next to mine
The starts are dead but they shine
Yes indeed she is dead l swear l did
I still have her blood all over my heart
Isn't death when your love disappears?
You can put fears in the heart of death
But let your soul shed the tears
Can people see them? The tears of souls
Your soul can die whiteout telling you good-bye
People think she is alive she eats, dances, laughs
Makes love to different men, wine and sins
She turns heads at here own bed when desire is feed
I don't understand people I did kill her
She is dead


Choosing not to choose
I hugged your roses
I kissed your bruise
My sins are my prayers
I went through it all
Layer after layer
Heavenly body shared with nobody
A sinner living in paradise
A priest in a wild party
Throwing the dice
A shrine with no believers
The finders are the keepers
Touching your flesh
Is singing the blues
Lost in a burning desert
What would you choose?
A golden necklace
Or pair of shoes
I rather pick what my soul would accept
What my conscious can use
A minute of enjoying beauty
Or looking at grace
Worth millions of years
Living with no taste
I haven't said you are mine
Run a way from me
You will end up coming back to me
All the roads take you one way
To the cities of my heart
Where the inhabitants are you
If I'm not your destiny
I'm your spiritual journey
Let me pretend if you don't mind
To live in your eyes
To Make love to your soul
I'm part of you if lam not the whole
One more time running out of tears
Crossed on the cross of love
There is no sub
Waiting to be resurrected
A woman in cup
Looking at your pictures
Looking back at me with tears
Happiness sometimes
Comes out of fears
One man who knows how
How to touch your hips
Kiss your thighs
Live your lips
Try to touch your soul
Try to touch me
In a cold corner in my heart
I can feel you breathing
The air around you crying
The stones are dying
If you will walk away
All you will see is my shadow
Look within you
You will know
That my heart will follow
l am the oldest form of drugs
I'm love, dark but l shine
Come try me a fine wine
In your dreams
I am the only smile
In the prison of waiting alone
Sailing through my mind
Through the river of my pain
Smiling at vain
Looking at tomorrow
Waiting for happiness and sorrow
We can learn how to cope
We can touch each other's hope
But l can't teach you how to love
I believe you will make it
You will learn how
How to see the moon through the fog
How to drink from one mug
How to hug my timeless hug
Life is all about desires
I can't see the lower one
Nor can l see the higher
Touch your flesh
Try to burn the fire
Love is one said or done
Using gun to protect you from the sun
I am not telling you
You must choose
Being apart no one wins we both lose
Unjust to judge love by numbers
Unjust to violate our minds freedom
Thinking our ways are the right ways
Is like saying life has one phase
Why count our lives by days
We were borne when we have met
Love me now you don't have to wait
Meet me in your dreams
Here we are couple of drops
In the mist of streams
You lived your past in my future
Is my present for you to seize?
Live to feel if you can't see
Immortality is loving you
That's when God is touching me

You still love

I can hear God's voice
In your call
I can dig for life
In your soul
Fifteen billions years
Time, joy and tears
You still love
Older than time
Stronger than feelings
Through your heart
God touches other hearts
And Makes me wonder
Who is the one?
Who is really healing?
At your face
Reflects the moon
Comparing to you
Roses are thorns
Before you
Beauty haven't been borne
I won't say l love you
When love is looking at you
If not to huge you
What to do
What God knows
The world should know
When l am through
I have never thought of any thing
But to love you

Open the Doors
Children were
mercifully killed
I don't see which dream
is being filled
Why to die over land
breaks and sand
This is my land
you won't understand
You are right, what so civilized about a fight
This is the principle
we fight and die for
But l say why don't you
open the doors
Senseless sense, politicians behind the fence
The decision maker's war
the ordinary people grave
Peace is bleeding
no one is safe
Polices to teach kids
fight is their holy fate teachers teaching them hopeless hate
And if you say
l love my cousin
they start to investigate
Everybody is ruing
and no one there to wait
The land belong to every breathing soul
Dose it matter
who is right or wrong
Or who has been there
further long
Bride scares the mind
forces him to hide
Unfairness celebrated
since the first ride
They can't see
even with healthy eyes
They can't see
life is not to be
The one who dominate
land and see
They think the are holy
fair minded people
When Bloods all over
the holy wall
Dead kids bodies
at the holy mosque
I believe Jesus where crucified there
And you think the wont dare
Money and power
tools of the cowards
When they miserably fail
To protect kids and flowers

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Biographical sketch: A black Arab Poet from UAE

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