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Poems by sabine

Love Unborn

What blossom left inside of us was condemned to fade
Like a bird in sinking caught by an arrow.
We had merely our hopes in our pates, envisions,
And you in smiling and I trying mightily to pose, aghast
To unveil my dread and make you face me in my rawest state.
Catching my ceilings in yellow sun lucent, I sit daring you,
Holding you inside my breath and my eyes wandering
Upon your shoulder where a hair just fell all golden
And came to sit and listen to a word.
I would cease my love for you to rescue yours.
And I would wish for you to be in love, always,
With someone less tasted by life,
Little indulged in all the fancy reveries.
Human inside a mind, stable and worn out not.
But you would tighten your hand around my wrist
And make me think that I said wrong. And to punish myself
I would head my fist, knowing you are right
And you are true and you are unfeigned.
Abandonment from myself within me. You are here,
Melting silver golden to enjoy, depending
On which side of the sun you stand.
I think a second, enough to realize, gratitude
Is a warm shade born inside a stomach decayed.
I bare your chest all unrefined and sheer,
Picking a feather off your coating,
I taste violets inside your skin. Something hiding
Between your veins. A color parallel to life, I forgot its name.
I have learned not many things and I am thinking you,
And wish for more than more, aching in longing, I yearn,
Dressing in red to be seen by you,
Hidden behind pellucid delicacy overlong, I giggle,
I make a jesting face
And you turn the brown inside your eyes all into glitter
And graze my arm, mistakenly.
And it starts to shiver, timidly, and falls into my lap, alone.

This much

I laid my hand to blanket my heart,
My chest so raw and full in hindered fire.
I wrapped my breast, deserted sore, into a gift,
All Christmas golden, songs and kissed.
I counted until May and days, afraid to face
what I was guarding all within.
I picked a sunflower wild and winged then,
to adorn my timid gem.
I prisoned all into my fist, and kept my
Wealth inside the corners, safely, of my skin.
And when I opened up my hand in valor,
My heart had grown into a sea of flowers blooming,
And from the ceiling, a tear, once grey, fell
Upon the floor, broke loose and rose in demure smiling,
To prize and pride a painting now, and in
Its very vibrant color, a window cleared
And sea air danced my room and came to rest
Upon my forehead. I ran untamed and childlike brazen
To echo my metamorphosis in drunken windows.
And on my skin a word was drawn, it spelled;
That life had failed to sink my heart.

Letter sent

I do not even hold a window bare, to frame
My forlorn view.
I waned to walk my planet unconfined,
To run across your soul.
I bequeath my brown and golden hair to tightened wind
And asked my thoughts sail free,
In hope for you to pace your side
And catch a song in stormy sky.
And you would hum and later, whistle
And marvel, in linen, late,
Why such novel melody haunts you adamantly,
Unwitting it is mine.

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Biographical sketch: born in switzerland in 1976, boarding schools, travels, art academy, trained in
drama and musical thatre in germany and new york, currently living in new york. love the movies, theatre,
literature, photography, swimming, ocean, water, singing, music, dancing, the rain and knitting.

sabine recommends:

Collected Poems/Sonnets by Enda St.Vincent Millay

Reason: raw and pure and straight from the heart

Recommendations for writers:

pour it out from the heart and later work on it with your intellect.


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