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Poems by Rudra1

Nowhere To Go

Nowhere to go
Aimlessly he roams,
The street child
Has no home.

Not much to eat,
Forget about treats;
He roams alone
In the scorching heat.

Passing by,
Strangers try,
To help him out
With a shade of doubt.

Day after Day,
That is the way
He learns to stay!

Nowhere to go,
Aimlessly he roams,
The street child has no home!

Ray Of Hope

Come, take a walk with me
Along the shores of the mysterious sea.
Barefoot, I tread,
On the coarse grains of sand
With just my two sandals in hand.

A gentle breeze ruffles my hair.
There is a whiff... of adventure in the air.
My eyes wander
To capture the splendor of the sun,
Glorious in it's silence
As it dips in the horizon.

The colors of fire
United in harmony
Leave behind a thin ray of luminosity.
It is time to rest my feet
Now, tired and beat
Tomorrow's another day
And in the brightness of the sun
I once again shall find my way.
Come, take a walk with me....

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Biographical sketch: A student forever, observation and assimilation of all that is around us! Poetry
helps me express myself in a very beautiful way!

Rudra1 recommends:

Panorama, a collection of Poets from all over the world, published by Oxford University Press. by Edited by: A.E.T. Barrow & J Fuste

Reason: This book was one of my "text-books" in 9th grade. I still have the almost Tattered version of it, all poems intact. It provides an exposure to the poets/poetry of the world, and that is what is fascinating... the different styles.

Recommendations for writers:

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