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Poems by rooti

Earth and Bodies

Earth and bodies
Water flowing near
Entangled moments
Wishing forever on highlighted stars

Smiles and groans
Fill darkened air
With seedy smirks
Near witnessing trees

Beautiful moments
Ones forever remembered
Ends stop
When beginnings fail

Time is relevant
For five minutes
Then for never
Ever after

Like most beautiful moments
That are just that.


Wailing sailing flailing
The sea lives on.
It crashes and smashes
- Coming in, then it's gone.

The living, moving, frothing
Waves, bring with them
Shells and bells,
For girls to collect them.

It's fishes and wishes
Float with it to shore.
Mackerels in shackles
Whilst birds free to soar.

Life giving and taking
The wonderful sea:
Poetic, erratic
With it's natural lei.

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Biographical sketch: I have been writing poems since I was 12. I'm now 18 and still find inspiration
in similar things, even though my style has evolved.

rooti recommends:

New Collected Poems by Ted Hughes
Reason: His poetry is raw and harsh. It isn't easy to read, but is addictive.

Recommendations for writers:

I believe that poetry is something you can't plan. If you think too much about your poem you are not portraying the true poem. If you get an idea jot it down there and then; wherever you are!


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