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Poems by Ronvir Bilkhu


sick thoughts creep into my mind I cannot stop them,
Like weeds on a lawn they infest me
Really frightening images
dark and taboo
I get scared of where my imagination could lead me
I walk alone at midnight in a park
I stay close to the centre - the norm
But sometimes,
they flash in and out in split seconds -
explicit and violent pictures projected on my eyelids
Even when I am asleep they pester me,
prodding me with burning black spears
covered in blood and hot magma
Like spiders
they've built a nest deep in my subconscious
like shadows they loom over me
like leeches they cling on to my brain, sucking my cells
a deadly virus, no vaccination
I close my eyes
and try to fight them
only when I am dead
they'll find somewhere else, someone else
meanwhile I wait and think happy thoughts -
what the people on TV would think about...

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Biographical sketch: I'm 15, I like music, drawing and writing

Ronvir Bilkhu recommends:

Hawk Roosting by Ted Hughes

Reason: Excellent portrayal of nature

Recommendations for writers:

You cannot write poetry if you try. Poetry comes to you automatically.


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