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Poems by Ron Don Diego

The Black Crows

Their black wings
Followed me
Night after
Perilous night
Was there sqawk
A Black mass -
A rasp -
Of brooding thoughts!
They were there
Perched upon
An empty bough
Outside my window
Upon an ash
Gray tree
As they screamed
Into the night
Until there was a deadly silence

In the spring
They had driven
The song birds -
The ones that
In the maiden
Green hair
Of my window tree - Where the sweet
Leaves of spring
Once had hung
In the lofty wisp
Of a warm breeze - As they screamed
Into the night
Until there was a deadly silence

Ah, I knew
It was ill
That they
Should be
Ugly as sin
With their black
Wings beating
Out a litany of fear
Shedding tumult
And darkness
Through my life
>From that naked
Cursed bough
Where they screamed
Into the night
Until at last
All I could hear
Was the dreadful
Sound of their deadly

Until the only
Thing left was the deadly sound
Of their dreadful

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Biographical sketch: I'm a 48 year old poet from Brooklyn N.Y. I've been writing for what seems like a very long time. But I'm still learning. I guess it goes with the turf.

Ron Don Diego recommends:

The Leaves Of Grass by Walt Whitman
Reason: The Leaves Of Grass was the first book of free verse ever written. Whitman broke with tradition and the result was the creation of a truly great work of art.

Recommendations for writers:

Have a theme, don't overwrite, and follow your heart and not your head. Use your head later on when you do your rewrites.


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