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On Saint Marks Square in early Spring
My love walked by my side.
We watched the doves lie on the wind
Then turning, swiftly glide
Across the old, hewn, stone Streets:
Half Shadowed and half in light.
The lustre of her loving eyes
Still taunts me in the night.

On Saint Marks Square in Summers prime
My love and I did lie
And watched the fluffy cloudlets
Dance gracefully across the sky.
Tomorrow was an age away;
The future full and fair.
An age has gone, but still I smell
The fragrance of her hair.

Off Saint Marks Square in Autumns fall
We made love in a chamber room.
The soft, gauze curtains beckoned in
The breeze off the Lagoon;
And through the open portal's heard
Saint Marks Bells ring out true;
Spurring on loves long embrace
Of we young lovers two.

On Saint Marks Square in Winters chill
I walk now, sad and lorn,
And wonder why the dream I dreamed
Vanished with the morn.
But ecstasy must fleeting be
For life is seldom fair.
And other loves in other times
Are walking on the Square.

And if they stroll on Summer eves
When soft the moon does shine
I wish them joy and may they too
Meet the magic that was mine.

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Biographical sketch: It's a summary of my feelings after a fleeting visit to Venice

Rod recommends:

Axed between the ears by Sorry I can't remember
Reason: I have listed it, not necessarily for the quality of work, but more for the reason that it was this anthology that started my love of reading poetry

Recommendations for writers:

Ask yourself why are you writing. Are you writing for others or yourself? I wrote this poem to help me vividly recollect the fantastic time I had.


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