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Poems by roblewis

Shades of Autumn Gold
Rolling fields, forest in breeze
Monuments tall, beautiful trees
Leafy branches, once overflowing
Summer colours, slowly going
Whistling wind, through tree top
Leaves of summer, start to drop
Tinted green, falling to ground
Floating gently, making no sound
Trees uncovered, in impending cold
With summer passing, autumn unfolds
Branches bare, in woods once dark
All can be seen, is naked bark
Woodlands, once green, so lush
Now silence throughout, a deathly hush
Leaves give pleasure, to behold
Shades of yellow, autumn gold
Back to earth, whence they came
Forests wait, for life again
Birds long gone, trees forlorn
Awaiting spring, again reborn

Raging Seas
Ships of wood, ships of steel
Steam and fluttering sails
Raging seas, devoured them
In storms and powerful gales
Such power of raging seas
From murky depths below
Respect for life it has none
Mariners, to their cost know
Ships cast like driftwood
Riding crests of waves
Sitting high on briny
Seeing watery graves
In towering, surging swells
Fighting to stay alive
At the mercy of raging seas
Praying to survive
Many sailors, souls now rest
Deep on ocean bed
Alongside ships they sailed in
For them a prayer is said

Fallen Soldier
Nineteen eighteen, my twentieth year
War almost over, or so we hear
Whistles blow, along the trench
From yonder, deaths bitter stench
Crossing razor wire, into no-mans land
As bullets scream, a target I stand
Praying to survive, a bursting shell
My body then shattered, there I fell
On a battlefield, wounded in pain
Never seeing loved ones, ever again
Fluid of life, slowly ebbing away
Never imagining, this fateful day
In a wilderness, feeling alone
Through night, an incessant groan
All that's left, is love in my heart
For my loved ones, as life I depart
Hazy thoughts come to the fore
Dead, forgotten, alive no more
Memories fading, through tearful eyes
Trying to remember, amid dying cries
Alone on a battlefield, for life I fight
A soldier fallen, taken this night
Taking my leave, a greater duty calls
Before my eyes, another soldier falls
Looking down on fields, of poppy red
Each one a comrade, soldiers dead
Never forget, those souls so brave
For you alone, a life they gave

Lady in the Shadows
Down a darkened road
One cold, windy night
Suddenly, across a street
In a dim, murky light
Through a floating mist
Coldness, fills the air
Tingling, down my spine
I see her, standing there
A lady, in the shadows
Whose face, I cannot see
Waiting for her lover
Maybe, waiting for me?
Street lamps, gently glowing
Shine, on paths below
If only, I could see her face
Maybe, I would know
Hidden in a doorway
So late, this night
This silhouetted lady
A strange, and eerie sight
If only, I could understand
Why, she's standing there
If only I could see
The colour, of her hair
As I glance toward her
Her face, she turns away
If only, I could see her
In, the light of day
Standing in darkness
Is she, in my mind?
If only, I could touch her
Answers, I could find
A ghostly figure I see
In silence, she stands
Bitter winds, so cold
Chilling, shaking hands
Quietly moving closer
Mind, full of fears
To a shadowy doorway
Suddenly, she disappears
Silently fading into night
Shadows, no longer unfold
Hazy mists now rising
Air, no longer cold
Did she really exist?
Maybe, a trick of light
A lady in the shadows
Gone, this winters night

Children of War
Death, destruction, all around
Flashes of light, terrible sound
A young child stands, terror, in eyes
Alone amid screams, dying cries
No place to hide, from shrapnel, of death
Explosions erupt, its flames, hot breath
Young faces so old, etched in pain
Not knowing reasons, for metal rain
Ruined buildings, slaughtered bodies lay
Death, from skies above, its judgement day
Innocent children, see families die
Losing loved ones, alone they cry
Amongst ruins, once called home
Searching rubble, they silently roam
Children, of war, in devastated lands
No one to help them, hold their hands
When will it end, will there be calm
Think of these children, wish them, no harm
These young victims, would you shed, a tear
Imagine their suffering, pain, and such fear
Peace comes in dying, praying for death
Tormented they wait, to draw, a last breath
Through misty eyes, carnage they saw
Meek little children, children of war

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Biographical sketch: A new writer, I've only been writing poems for the past two years. All my poems have a profound meaning, some of my own experiences others inspired by events.

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Wite what you feel, let your heart guide you, turn words into pictures that others can see


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