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Poems by R.L. Raybon,Jr

Love is a Hammer

Love can break a heart into tiny little pieces,
Like a hammer through a crystal vase

Shards of hopes and dreams all scatter
As the hammer makes its pass

Yet only love can mend the damage
And pull each piece together again

Only love can show such promise
And erase the heart felt hurt and pain

Love is wise, and yet blind,
Love is tender, and yet so cruel

Love surrenders, and love captures
All our feelings that we know are true

Love is an emotion, love is a state of mind
Love is what we all long for, love is what we hope to find

Love is a hammer held by the heart,
It can build a mansion, or tear one apart

So think gentle heart as you take your grasp,
Think only to build, and build something to last

RLR 4-11-2000

Lofty Heights

Lovers soar to the clouds on gossamer wings,
Their passions lift them with ease
Floating, falling, rising anew,
Ethereal beings they be

Eagles envy the effortless flight
As earthbound they must finally stay
Yet lovers glide toward the sun and stars
And share ecstasy along the way

Loves altitude knows no bounds
Nor can we comprehend
The depth of feeling love bestows
On those that would fall in

Love.the magic potion,
that makes our souls take flight
lovethe great deliverer
of man from darkest night

I beg thee Love to take my heart
And lift it to those lofty heights,
And clear mine eyes that I might see
Loves beauty in my sight

RLR 4/25/2000


There are fountains, then there are fountains,
Some fed by wells, some from the mountains
Rivers flow and springs with crystal waters
Wet the fountains built by our fathers

I am a fountain fed by love
By starry night and blue sky above
By hearts aflame, by loves desire
I must be filled lest my plume expire

You are the water that fills my basin
That primes my heart and keeps me chasing
All loves dreams and lofty schemes
And soft sweet moments in between

Your water pure, and sweet to taste
So let us not a single drop waste
Fill me carefully, slow and deep
For these waters shall always keep

Our thirst for love quenched

RLR 7/13/00

The Plain Brown Bulb

In the fall is planted a little brown bulb,
simple and plain, nothing to love.

Surrounded by a loving earth,
nourished and cared for there in the dirt

Yet in the Spring when the sunbeams glow,
comes a bouquet of color, the bulbs grand show.

So too may a love grow, born of something quite plain,
a chance encounter over a silly game.

Nourished by words and thoughts that are each their own,
carried by whim and fancy across the brink of dawn.

Two hearts come together and loves blossoms appear,
With all loves colors, brilliant and clear.

Yet loves color need not wither and fade,
as the Iris does at the end of days.

Love can linger through seasons on end,
loving and caring, just as it began.

rlr 4/17/2000

Moonlight Dance

Soft notes of music fill the air
Moonlight pierces midnight there
Two lovers move together as one
The moonlight dance has just begun

Slowly kisses find their mark
Romance the reason and the spark
Velvet skin meets silken tongue
Two bodies longing to be one

Moonlight brings a pallor to flesh
Colors vanish yet the blood is fresh
As bodies warm to a loving touch
Their tingling senses feel a rush

Heartbeats quicken, passions rise
The pale orbs light floods their eyes
Loves full measure is now revealed
And every mortal yearns to steal.

.one such dance in the light of the moon

rlr 7-6-2000

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Biographical sketch: male , 47 southeast USA

R.L. Raybon, Jr recommends:

six american poets by Joel Conarroe
Reason: a compiliation of six famous poets Whitman, Dickinson, Stevens,Williams, Frost, and Hughes

Recommendations for writers:

try to express what you feel, emotions expressed say it best, and be as concise as you can be .


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