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Sometimes people touch our lives
in very special ways,
to serve a special purpose there
and give us hope and praise,
to show a path that we must walk
a hill that we must climb,
to let us see just who we are
or who we'll be in time,
to hold us up and comfort us,
in times of great despair,
to rally round and strengthen us
and for our spirits care,
to love us just for who we are
not for glory or for pay,
to share the gift of friendship,
for one more glorious day.

Rick Scriver

Cherished Susan

It seems like just the other day
I held you close to me,
and prayed that all my love for you
would somehow set you free,
that somehow for a moment,
you could soar where eagles fly,
and fill your heart with memories
from a clear blue cloudless sky.
You could stand upon a sandy shore
and gaze at endless sea,
or walk through fields of clover
throughout eternity,
and now my prayers are answered
for you truly now are free,
God has called you home to him
to sit by his right knee.

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Biographical sketch: Writing poetry is a release for me. I find that I can get in touch with my inner self through the written word, and truly express myself.

Rick recommends:

Ballads of our lives by Kate Meagher
Reason: Contains a great scope of new poets, with many differnt styles.

Recommendations for writers:

I think that your true feelings should flow through your poetry.


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