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Poems by Richard James van der Draaij

Counting Stars

Sleepless nights, counting stars and runaway sheep,
Trying to cross over into some kind of Wonderland,
Dreaming while on the border of waking and sleep,
My bed is rather comfy and I do not feel the need-
-To get up and smoke or eat or drink,
Slowly drifting off,
First gentle image appearing,
A language without sounds,
Souls intercommunicating,
A little story unfolds,
And as ever I am the star,
But there are other faces here,
Strange and still familiar,
They are saying important things,
Full of prophesy and warning,
And I can barely understand,
What it all may mean to me,
And when I reach for it
It slips, I shake, awake;
Time for morning coffee.

Some Haiku

First sound,
Lovely morning,
Curtains open.

Blue dragonfly,
On splendid wings,
She carries Spring.

Ships in the harbour,
Waiting for the captains,
Drunken on shore.

With a smile
Of silent longing
She starts her day.

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Biographical sketch: Australian born poet, lover of life and good literature, motto: Poetry Is Passion!

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