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Poems by RGarfield


Squeaky wheels and well oiled axles
Surround the city platform
Easing movement to the left
Rolling over those
Who in silence believe
Their wishes will prevail
And everything will come out right

But reason has been sacrificed
On the altar of the new god
An justice demands retribution
For deeds done by forefathers
Children are given modern weapons
Without caution or training

And one half of society revels
while the other reels


two faced poetry

Little by little
though bigger is better
the words filled up the space
though white space is good
with wisdom and wit
isn't filling it task enough?


I took a walk along the beach
just to see what I could see;
and, there before me you had trod.
Perchance you wait ahead of me.

If so, do you do so by intent,
Or, by some fluke circumstance?
Does Fate dictate your every step?
Or are you ruled by Chance?

Around the corner, lies a beach
Sheltered from all knowing eyes.
Should we be both be headed there
Will one not show surprise?

"Oops! Did not mean to intrude."
Happenstance will blush extrude.

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Biographical sketch: over the hill of general good will writes rhyme still

RGarfield recommends:

none, really. I like a lot of different styles.
Reason: i like poetry that reflects the people of its age. so no real favorite...

Recommendations for writers:

Pick a theme. Mark down your feelings about that theme. Describe any images the theme brings to mind. Then mix and serve according
to your own voice.


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