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Poems by Rex


I'm weary and spent and long to rest
In the grass by an age old tree...
Where a waiting breeze sings of tender things,
Lilting and swift and free!

Ah, there would I lie, serene and calm,
And watch the branches sway...
And never give heed to a hungering need
For a love that has passed away!

There would I find my soul again,
There would I know release...
And there would I stay for a long long day
In infinite rest and peace!

And no one would know how I came to roam,
Nor where I chanced to be...
Save the tall green grass and the breeze that passed,
And an ancient, twisted tree!


Stealthily in the darkness,
On slippered, silent feet,
A fog stole in from seaward
And spread her mystic sheet.
Made of each gleaming ball of light
A phosphorescent gem,
That might festoon the crescent moon
In a glowing diadem.
She wrapped the leaves of sleeping trees
In wedding veils of white---
Then soaring high into the sky,
Sped onward through the night.
But morning guessed that she had passed,
For glistening far and near,
The fog had left on each fair thing
The traces of a tear.

To Baby, in Atonement

Tonight your little cheek is wet
With glistening baby tears,
And baby heartbreaks hurt as much
As ours in later years...
But, oh! My sweet, tomorrow
When you waken with the dawn,
You'll find that sorrow's sped away
And baby woes are gone!
Yet I who watch above you
In that alchemy of sleep,
Know a deeper bit of heartache,
For...'twas I who made you weep!

The Tear

Last night
A tear fell heedlessly
Upon my hand...
A strange, clear drop
Of grief.
There, as a jewel it shone...
And only I could know
That in its depth
Was held
The reflection
Of your face.


I stretched my hand in longing
Out to you,
And you did but touch
My finger ends with yours...
A caress so light
It scarce was felt
Upon the hand,
But touched the heart itself
And left an imprint there
That time, in all its
Countless span
Cannot efface.

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Biographical sketch: My name is Rex E. Alford. I began writing poetry 45 years ago as a result of a lost love. I have been writing ever since.

Rex recommends:

Songs of the Seven Senses by Don Blanding
Reason: This is a happy little book of great poetry. It is lyrical, light,
and covers a variety of subjects. I particularly enjoy the poems of the senses for which the book is titled.

Recommendations for writers:

To me, it is important to think about your feelings. You must understand what you are feeling, and why, before attempting to capture them in poetry.

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