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Poems by Regina Stewart

Collide a Scope of Fears

Collide a scope
of fears control
my every move
forward streams
carry me back
to face my worst
silent surrender
to the swift current
or unnecessary death
new opportunity
for adventure
I embark and embrace
cool rhapsody
pulsating waves
supernatural energies
vanished fears
out of mind
by shimmering crystals
of light
mystical visions
of exquisite illusions

I embark, and embrace.

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Biographical sketch: Private investigator, antique dealer, new poet born June 2000

Regina Stewart recommends:

Anitya by Paul Twitchell
Reason: Incredible inspirations, Universal Truths, Contemplations for Soul, Expressions of Love

Recommendations for writers:

I feel poetry must awaken the reader's senses to the actual experience of the writer.


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