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Poems by Rachel

Remember Me

Remember me in the
Italian cafe
on Mont St.
where I used to show you old
poem scraps
on curled and dog-eared napkins
and you'd smile
and remember me
on that streetcorner
where we stood
getting drenched, my blue and white
plaid shirt sticking to my shoulder
and you wrapped your wool-lined
jacket around me
only making me wetter
and remember me on Sundays
when I'd sit on your battered
leather blue-black couch
and gorge myself on Hershey kisses and bonbons
and listen to your talks of the city
so remember me in purple sweaters
old wrinkled torn stained letters and
an umbrella with a cracked handle
and promise me

Chinese Place #8

5th St. under red flourescents
and Mac grabs her hand roughly
repeating Trust me, trust me
meaningless jabber wafts to her ears
in a language she can't understand and a
lone cigarette is lit
in semidarkness while her thoughts congeal
nothing where is real?
He pulls his hand away gruffly
in anger and she starts
and Mac lifts his cellphone
from his front pocket
and calls a friend to set it up
his eyes settling mistrustfully on her.
The beep sounds the end of the call
and chopstick clatter bangs around her skull
inside her like drumbeats on porcelain plates
moth fluttering chatter behind and around her
the waiter with the fast tongue has disappeared
Mac finds her hand resting on the knife
and lo mein strikes cold inside her nostrils
'hey babe just 'tween us trust me it's alright babe'
she won't life her eyes to his because she knows she won't find them
through smoke and the black ashtray between them

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The Broadview Anthology of Poetry by Rosengarten and Goldrick-Jones

Reason: so many poets, so many incredible poems

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