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Poems by Quiana

I'm not The One......

Living life to the fullest,
Having everything you want.
Yo' man, yo' house, yo' family,
Being number one.
Having shit sewed up to the fullest!,
where nothing can break that bond.
Not nann nigga, not nann bitch,
Not even the sweetest one.
Not the one with the Mustang,
Not the one with the Benz,
Not even the one who's kickin' you down all those ends.
But, the one that sneaks, creeps, and wonders through the night.
the one who lies, cheats, and couldn't tell the truth from the light.
And you wonder to yo'self, "What the fuck is wrong wit' me!"
This nigga is trippin',
And that I can see.
He thinks I'm young, dumb, unhip, and unwise to the games he is playing,
Or trying to play on my mind.
See I am young, dumb, hip, and wise to the game.
To let a nigga play me would just be lame,
And just to let a nigga know who's he's dealing with,
You play his little game, and add a little SHIT.
See you take a nigga on the same ride he takes you on,
and when the big drop comes, you have the biggest one.
So when a nigga picks his face up off the ground,
He'll know you was the one who puttin' the law down.
So when the next bitch come along,
He'll be able to eat through her like paper,
And the next nigga I'll be able to tear through like a razor.
See either way it goes, we both win;
To play the game of love and life,
You have to be quick, you have to be tigh.
you have to play a nigga straight, not left or right.
Cause when all the shit boils down,
And you get to the truth.
You're not doing no more to him,
Than he's doing to you!


when I think of you, I think of your smile, your bunny rabbit teeth, and your sweet tongue.
I think of your bald shaved head, the way it glistens on a hot summer's day.
I think about your stout round body, the way it attracts me, the way the smell of your cologne just brings me to my knees.
I think about your gray hairs and the maturity they show,
the way they decorate your beard I don't know.
There's something about you, this I know,but what it is I'm not too sure.
Is it the way you look from behind those glasses, or the way you walk, when your coming towards me.
Nothing to me is sure anymore,but the love I have for you will forever burn.

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Biographical sketch: Avery funny, outgoing, caring,and tenacious young lady, with a lot of words of wisdom. hee-hee!!

Quiana recommends:

life and lore of a gangster by not sure
Reason: it's an old work. it's funny, and quite enlighning, and the characters are animals(some anyway).

Recommendations for writers:

Long as you are feeling what you are writing, never be afraid to express yourself.


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