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Poems by Prince of Poets


When the wind blows through the barley
My love and I shall meet
Where the barley fields grow plenty
There my love and I shall greet

Her scent is all around me
Teased tormented senses know
Urgent nakedness needs nurture
And this aching field I sow

And after in our later years
When we do meet more chaste
Untold memories flood our minds
Of the barley fields and haste.


Death is but a never-ending dream
Reflected in that final sleep
While all around do wailing weep
We our souls do creep
Beyond this transience we call living
To find utopia for the dead
Where God and angel hosts await
In this realm called eternity
Where chosen spectres dance divine
In limbo never more descending
To that soiled and spinning sphere
The world we know as earth
Can we poor creatures earthly born
Praise this greater being
Enough for deliverance
>From that stinking world below
Where his mutant beast called man
Has done all in his power
To wreck the splendid creation
Of our dear lord god
By all the heinous devices
And more beside and in so doing
Sealed man's fate
Because god has decreed
That the earth shall be
Wrought asunder by his wrath
Which shall know no limit
No pity neither no mercy
And in the end
Man shall be naught
Then the supreme creator
Shall weeping wash away
What once was whole and good
And man no more shall stray.


Floating in from that giant pond
The mist mask made its creeping way
Over the beach, crawl climbed the pier
And silently cloaked the town from view

Cold and damp that night of mist
When homeless waifs lay out of doors
And one named Jenny birthed her last
A final gasp with her birthing heave

In her death blood did Jenny lie
A glazed dull eye of death exposed
The child lay helpless soon to die
An eerie cry did comfort crave

Nobody cared enough to save
This hapless pair on the streets
Who fought against the world of want
And died in the world of men.


Wondering in his half sleep
Would she come again?
Did she visit others?
To share her love with them

Content in warmth he lay
Relaxed, his body calm
Drifting into deeper sleep
His lusting love began

The woman of whispering white
Came in his dreams again
Drank of his body deep
The liquid taste of man.


The final days upon me
A time to die at last
My life always haphazard
Never making sense

Baby, child and man
Each a vital stage
Human moulding so
A mind and body match

Many days do I recall
When I did wish for death
Praying for better times
As sadness left my brain

Replaced by perfect pleasure
My world appeared to change
Kaleidoscopic colours
Brightened transiently

A roller coaster life
Extreme it must be said
Boundless energy
Or lying sad in bed

But now it matters little
I'm all reduced to dust
Death did take my flesh
And with it all my lust.

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Biographical sketch: A sensitive and creative poet who lets his emotions run free as the wind to create an individualistic style of poetry.

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Recommendations for writers:

A poet must be charged by his own emotions when writing and give full expression to them.

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