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the isolation …
from the Universe
from the soft, sweet roses you hold
from the bitterness of reality
from the ill-fated love
from the silence of the ringing in my ears
from the abstract truth
from the Dr Pepper and from the coke
from the distortion of the writhing souls
from the sunsets
from the grapes
from the chocolate aphrodisiac
from the summers long ago
from the joy you used to bring
from the scars of humanity
from the insanity of an artist
from the sacred mind of a writer
from the bittersweet loss of love
from the bittersweet veracity of love
from the lonesome agitation
from the reality of the Universe
from the vastness of the galaxies
from the harsh existentialist views
from the ecstasy i once felt
from the pains of my soul
from the wonders of my brain
from the concentration on your eyes
from the stiffness of your corpse
from the cruel numbers that cause insanity
from the meaningless of your love
from the richness of the culture
from the bliss remembered
from the reality of the alphabet
from the stars' defiance
the stars have ultimately abandoned me

and from the isolation of myself
have all elapsed
have all been forgotten
have all ceased
have all been fulfilled

and the roses, too
the roses that have sharp thorns that pierce my lips and soul like a sword,
bleeding my aches and pains away of my heart
the roses you gave me
the roses that I love
the beautiful roses
so beautiful yet so deadly

the isolation…
just so happen to cease when you loved me
X marks the spot.
yet I was isolated again when you fell up.
And I solemnly weep for my soul.

Distortion of a Lost Soul

Love will not come to this lonely heart of mine
the fire inside burns it all up
slumber will not come to my tired mind now
the fire in my heart has burned out
and left stone-cold.
I won't deny the change of my heart
I can't deny the pain
my mind suffers
meeting with the dark nightfall of the past
I've forgotten where it all began
Deep in my mind I slowly remember
that I cannot be saved
that the distance to the sun is incompetent
that love has left me
that the world is drawn into your hands*
that you got lost in the winding passages in my heart
that my soul whispers to yours, love hymns and odes, though miles away
that the world is hard to understand
and you can't live without it
and the echo that is your love
and the sunset of your passion
and the scar of my brain
and the tale of your blood
and the scorched sand of the earth
and the eyes of ruby
and the music of my adornment
and I remembered the silence of the world.
and the solitude of my heart
The silence that never lasted
when you loved me.

*From the Smashing Pumpkins' Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Philosophical Prozac

Gold whistling cherubs fly across the sky of a cold bleak and black December psalm
My soul whispering odes to your heart through spontaneous combustion
upon the sight of your glorious figure.
My heart exploding with toke and rhyme escaping through my lips
floating through the vast Universe of my adoration.
Melting hymns dripping from your stunning and voluptuous Broadway lips
and I liquefy with desire for your wondrous touch and embrace.
Giggles and apples of delight and pleasure of your soft mouth,
which oozes with the buzz of your intelligence.
The juices of your pleasure and lust drip down my chin
in nervous exasperation as a ripe fruit
in the essence of a sizzling summer night,
your outrageous senses awakening my love and honey of my essence.
The smell of your hair and exasperating nature,
not ever failing to cease. Music whispering through the skies of my soul,
and then the cold black feeling drops through my stomach
as you turn slowly away from me as I weep in agony.
But then I cry out for joy as you turn to me once more and embrace me,
warming my body, and soul and wipe the tears away
from my eyes and hold me forever,
Pure bliss comes through your embrace
and I see it in your eyes when you look at me.

The End of the Line

is just too damn complicated right now
friendships failing, my heart falling
wrapped around bodies
other than mine
Is gone; Enigmas reign
White Chaos rules over the sphere of my brain

aphrodisiac wearing off in my heart
never eaten anymore
for one another retaliated
into a tangled web of woes that are lies
rain from my face forming saltwater pools on my pillow
flooding your eyes as you see mine
Away from me while my life lasts and lingers on without you
White Chaos rules the sphere of my dead brain
The stiletto slips . . . my s o u l is free…

In Remembrance

Sew my eyes shut with a dull needle and barbed wire thread
so I cannot see your harsh face
cut if my lips
so you cannot kiss me like you did
and so I cannot speak your name
cut off all parts on my body that you touched
wash off the grime with bleach
cut off my ears and pierce my eardrums
so I cannot hear your moans and breath again
singe my flesh
cut off my hands
so I cannot feel your skin and hair and heartbeat
rip out my heart and marbleize it
and then drop it seven stories
one to represent each sin
cut out my tongue
the one that touched yours
fill my mind with physical suffering
just to take off the pain
you caused my heart and my mind and my soul
the soul you ripped in half
the mind you emotionally scarred
the heart you shattered

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Biographical sketch: I am a poet and a painter. I live in California and am in a writing club at my
school. I have had three poems published in our magazine and two illustrations for other poems.

poe's_girl recommends:

The Complete Poems of Edgar Allen Poe by Edgar Allen Poe
Reason: Poe is one of the most brilliant poets that has ever lived. I also enjoy Shakespeare's
sonnets. Extraordinary.

Recommendations for writers:

Just be yourself and not worry about making it perfect. Write form your heart. Use it as therapy.


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