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Poems by pkjiggs

Stumbles In

Waits the whiner in His diner
The monogrammed pen out on napkins
Stares in hot coffee and Krispy krackers
Rather blando 'til grape jelly spread thick
on thin wheat toast
His tortured vocabulary mumbles
Id to Id
for Composure
Weeded from the windy
graveyard howling 'round his feet
Stumbles in graceful
An old beloved
Silence, and with her
a few hand written words
in between a dying vacuum and a running sink

Groves Of Dusk

Gone are the forever red sunsets dripping the sky

Gone as the day a knat got caught in your left eye, tears running for cheeks full of breath and the future

Grown a warrior and an old friend we saw the painted red dusk turn forever

We spoke while dropping leaves landed still around our toking life tyger tails

Cool water quenched warm bellies and beating hearts as we ran into the flame of the forest

This Tyme around tho, it seems Mainstreet has blown our souls down cold shallow alleys

Chased by the cages of society, trapped into eating dead meat, you died

I always kinda expected a brothers "goodbye"...one last red sky

Now, waiting in the groves of dusk while dreaming lucid do I live again...

There I do not circle and weep within

My moments of song, my groves of peace


God was a nun watching balloons flying loose over Disneyland at 3:28 pm

Trailing distantly out of reach 'til vanished by the dripping wick of a forever red sky

My Kaleidoscope

Ever in heaven witness whispers 'fore a rainy day falls?
Love the Moon, chase her as she cries, folds, into her glass half-broken?
Your days go by in the blink of an eye, yet my glass turns back,
reflecting her words, soft-spoken
Sought are dreams unslept, lips unkissed, for a thousand years...
Innocent hearts collide a blue sky, symmetric baby tears, preparing to cry
Attracting patterns merge, two new faces, two old souls, one new...
Magick, I've stirred sparks in her glass, squinted thru splinters and peered..
Evidently, eight hundred forty three butterflies have carried her here so eternally perfectly clear
Goodbye glass! In flames are my days, spent turning, yearning her warm formidable hues...
And now that she's near I've only one fear, or so it seems, .."I'd lose my wings for you.."
Notes in the wind make music again, and again and again and again...
Mountains never climbed higher than I've ever desired for her hair, her scent, her tats' an' wandering shoes..
On yet off again the music plays, my glass forever turning, my heart forever looking, into her eyes
On yet off again the music plays, my glass forever turning, my heart forever looking, into her eyes
Notes in the wind make music again, and again and again and again...

Ever Still

Your faithful heartbeat skipping
'midst windy altars soaked in freedoms grey and blue
Rounding Tymes corner
I come chucklin' a vision hymn of you
For your luscious scent lures me
as it eventually renders
Ever still
And when still left lingering
forever teasing me
flaunting your absence
In greener grass days I'll lay waiting
Ever still
And when comes your touch
Follows a spark not even Fate can deny
Reunited souls play upon hot eternal recognition
Burnin' still
unconditional love dances in..
a thousand year fire in your eyes cries
a primal ember that never dies
yet comes and goes
whilst hips whisper wantonly
"Limbs love most our Rain wrapped days..
of warm thunder, we've come to know"
.ever still

Midnight Wondered

Veiled vapors swirling 'round
colored coats an' shiny gowns

Greet the dance by fountain pens

26 steps until the end

Where whence said topics lay exhausted?

Amidst treetops becoming frosted?

And where does all that good snow go?

I've midnight wondered

I've yet to know

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