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Poems by phaedra

Through the noise
the chaos
the fog of my selfishness
I strain to see your face,
to touch your hand.
You far away now,
separated by oceans of time
and events I cannot control
I am lost
voices screaming, sink or swim
when I am already drowning
touch me
please cling to me
let me come in from this cold

A simplicity...
no metaphor can describe
moonglow and brown eyes

You stand
in front of me
your shadow makes it hard to see
my reflection in the mirror
that you insist I study

I see my hair, slightly tangled
My eyes,too gray to be blue
We've been through this before

I rise
to seize your worshipped mirror
I stand on your desk
ten feet tall now
and triumphantly
have your mirror
through the closed window
a thoroughly satisfying sound

I am alive
I am screaming
inside, loudly
and out loud
though no one looks up

I am singing
a song no one knows
even I barely hear the tune
but I keep singing
and I think it sounds beautiful

I am weeping
even if my eyes don't take part
it doesn't mean
i'm not broken

I am dying
slowly, gracefully
a barely perceptible transition
that reminds me
I am alive

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Biographical sketch: I'm 16 years old, and a very passionate amateur.

phaedra recommends:

The moon in the Pines by Jonathon Clements

Reason: This is a beautiful Zen Haiku collection with lovely translations and illustrations. A work of art.

Recommendations for writers:

It's important to consider every emotion you are feeling when writing a poem. Even if you dismiss it a juvenile or silly later, it is still a valid expression of what you are feeling.



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